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Shanthi Ayurveda Ashram, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Shanthi Ayurveda Ashram, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Take a short gentle walk after lunch to improve digestion and assimilation of food. Moderate excercise is always a panacea for digestion.

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Atmasantulana Village, Near M.T.D.C., Karla, Maharashtra
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by vrushali lotlikar Date Added: Monday 07 May, 2012
gm i mrs. vrushali lotlikar stay at borivali west
i was your patient since last 6 month my problem is that i was suffering with colities since 9 ys every monthly i had loose motion and then abdominal pain with sticky motion so i already went to homeopathic and other medicine but i haven't got good result for this problem lastly i decided to take your medicine i went to karla and taken one month medicine. next month i went to malad which has started recently they told they dont have proper paper so i consulted a lady dr. again in malad center she has taken my history in that she ask me about my job i told i was a nurse in hinduja hospital she ask now what you r doing now i replied i have my own recruitment consultancy after that she told me pls get me job anywere i told her pls send your cv she send me. and she given me medicine. after one month i revisited to her she again given me same med. as i told her in that same month i had this problem more then 5 times she ignored me. next month again i went to malad for the med i requested i want to change my dr. so receptionist send me to male dr. after my history he gave me same med. there also i told my this problem is increasing last time suddenly i got the same problem within a 9 days i requested receptionist and i send to my driver to take bilvasen that was finish with me she told if you dont know how to fill med. form then you dont take medicine from here they frighted with me and they ware laughing on me i was very upset

so with this letter i would like to request you that malad center people is not behaving properly with patients so i decided not to take your medicine and i am going to tell many people not to take med. from balagi tambe as i was nurse i know if somebody have problem then only the person will come to hospital or your clinic not for roming so they should behave properly with them
give traning for this or close that center

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by Prakash Date Added: Tuesday 27 March, 2012
Hello all,

I had been to this place many times... We were tired of taking allopathic medicines and nothing seemed to be working... The overall atmosphere is really like an Ashram, I am really surprised to see that few of the people have commented on the hygiene... I have found everything in order...

I was also amazed to see that there is absolutely no commercialization for such a wonderful place... They all treat their patients with Ayurveda as a dharma...

In fact, one of the best thing I noticed was a lot of foreigners (Germans) have left their homes and are helping the Ashram team with this noble cause...

The problem for which we had gone, is showing signs of recovery... We are continuing the medicines... Also the Pune shop is very busy and there is considerable waiting time... But there is a good seating area for waiting...

Overall my experience was very good...

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by Infertility_victim Date Added: Thursday 08 March, 2012
Hello everyone,
I had gone to Atmasantulan for treating for infertility as Dr. Balaji
tambe makes lot of prachar for "Grabh sanskar"....I thought there will be special section attending only infertility and grabh sansakar ladies[as many ladies though not possible, fell in temptations of doing grabh sanskar from their PRACHAR on it on Saam TV and sakal newspaper]but there is no such seperate section or even
attention for such ladies.All patients are treated equal with no special attention as expected...They don't see if particular treatment eg:virechan is suitable for particular patient or not..I have taken the kadha for virechan and vomited instantly but still no body bother about it???[and they say virechan is most important in Panchkarma as all toxins go out and you feel great lighter body as in heaven]...then they should see to it why it don't suited me.....One of my friend had no effect of virechen[she went to toilet only twice but there was terrible uneasyness in her stomach]still no attention by them??
Dr.Balaji Tambe should atleast see Panchkarma patients nadi once in their stay of 15 days [as he has great knowledge in nadi vidya]
I also think that only high class and foreigners are given special attention
and treatment ..Please don't do so we come here with lot of hardships [managing our family,office and HUGE CHARGES]please give treatment according to patients health.....

Since one year after panchakarma also i am not preganant[I know they says "it is due to your own bad karma hahaha.."]

Anyway rest all other treatments are good [especially food and meditation in temple]
Accomodation is clean but not "SHANT" like a don't get peace of mind if you stay in rooms.. [cottages may be]

Best of luck ,you can always go for it but with less expectations

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by shrutika Date Added: Wednesday 08 February, 2012
Clinic of Dr.Balaji Tambe at Pune is highly inorganize. Patients are made to wait for almost a period of 2 to3 hors for a mere cosultation and taking of medicines. Higly unqualified and arrrogant staff.

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by a sufferer Date Added: Tuesday 31 January, 2012
hallo all,
first of all, my kudos to balaji tambe for such a great place.
secondly, i would like to point out that his son sunil tambe is NOT a doctor.

i have been to this place nuerous times, and found thst the doctors are not sympathetic at all.
they just want to finish patients...
the administration ( may i add, run by sunil tambe) is worse.
I got no response to many of my queries, regarding refu d of payment, some extra facilities etc...

so, if u are sick, and need Panchakarma, go to this centre, but with no expectations of help from any quarter except some of the therapists..

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by Chetan Date Added: Thursday 29 December, 2011
I had bad experience from Atmasantulana Village. Accounts department personnel are not giving all information, non co-operative; they are making bad image of Atmasantulana Village & Balaji Tambe.

I paid booking amount of Rs. 20,000 for Panchkarma. Due to personal problem, I cancelled it. They cut Rs. 4000 as cancellation amount. This is ridiculous. This is not hotel where they charge cancellation charges. Even hotels do not charge so heavily.

Atmasantulana Village is making pure business. Even this business is acceptable if it is run with ethics.

I requested to reduce the cancellation charges, but no response from staff.

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Hello all, I had been to this place many times... We were ..
4 of 5 Stars!
this is great! i think it will grow to be a very useful site :) i forwarded it on to my ayurvedic in...

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