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Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre, New Mexico, USA
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Location: Auromesa is located in New-Mexico, specifically on the Hondo Mesa along the Rio Grande near natural hot springs, about 20 minutes north of Taos.

Nearest Railway Station: No railway station

Nearest Airport: Albuquerque (3 hrs away)

About the Centre:


Auromesa is the first Ayurvedic center to be entirely powered by the sun.

Auromesa is an authentic Earthship, powered by the sun, and dedicated to Ayurvedic traditional ways of healing and living, in accordance with nature's laws and Integral Yoga. Our pure water comes from a very deep well, located along the Rio Grande, walking distance to hot springs, and we have no mosquitoes. We are taking only one panchakarma client at a time, thus giving that one person a unique experience. The guest room has a private entrance, bathroom and a deck with views over the Mesa. Other guests come from town for day treatments only and do not stay at the center. A special sense of peace and spaciousness will be helping your journey toward healing. We encourage our panchakarma client to remain still and concentrated on their process. Most of the medecine used during your panchakarma are crafted at the center. All the herbs and compounds that you take home for your rejuvenation are calibrated toward your individual well -being with fair traded organic medecine. Our chef Paul prepares simple and delicious meals from Auromesa's organic gardens in season, or from the local health food store. He will teach our guests how to prepare their meals at home such as chia seed pudding, vegan indian rice pudding,  delicious soups, dosai, kichari, ghee, vegan chai.

Our panchakarmas are catered to individuals needs. The treatments are extensive: Starting at 7:30am with a 20 minute group meditation, then a one hour yoga session followed by breakfast. Then a daily treatment that generally last till 1pm. We teach Ayurvedic Tibetan Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Qi-Gong.

Tizia, our director and head therapist has practised panchakarma for 8 years, studied Ayurvedic medecine and treatments in India and is still continuing her education through various indigeneous modalities practised in Kerala, India and Thailand.

We have small friendly pets assisting in your delight and comfort.

Number of Doctors in Hospital: 1 doctor and 2 therapists

About the Administrators:


Paul and Tout-Petit are our administrators, public relations, the wilderness guides, chef, yoga and meditation buddy, the friendliest welcoming comity.

Certified in classical Ayurveda,Tizia is our French native  practitioner. She has been studying and practicing Ayurveda and water-therapies at the Quiet Healing center in Auroville India and at the Ayurvedic Sanatorium in Coonoor Tamil-Nadu with Doctor Sundar Raman (BAMS) & graduated in 2007 (ISO 9001 2000 Certified by TUV Germany).

Specialty of Hospital: Panchakarma




  • Abyangham/Swedana
  • Kilari Marmas Acupressure
  • Shirodhara
  • Nadi Swedana
  • Pichu
  • Kansu Vasti
  • Udvarthanam
  • Netra Vasti
  • Basti
  • Reiki
  • Watsu
  • Podikishi
  • Virechana
  • Nasya
  • Rakta moksha
  • Osteo thai massage
  • Consultation
  • Ear Candling
  • Flower essences
  • Womblifting therapy
  • Day therapy
  • Weekend Retreat



Our guest rooms are cozy and offered to panchakarma and week-end retreat patients. We welcome one or two patient at a time therefore your retreat will stay very private. There is a  bed and breakfast near by or guest rooms at the New- Buffalo for poeple  wanting different arrangments. You are also encouraged to enjoy the special atmosphere of our library/meditation room.

Price Details: 2014 Rates - Complete detoxification/rejuvenation (Seasonal Program)

5 days:  $1449 (6 nights)
7 days:  $1848 (8 nights)
10 days $2640(11 nights)

Is food organic?: Organic Auromesa garden and green house or Cid's organic food market


Is white sugar served?: No

Are nightshades served?: No

Is chilli served?: No

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: None

Noise in the vicinity?: None

Are there cell phone towers?: None

Is vaastu applied?: Partially

How is the Vaastu of the land and building?: Earthship facing south with passive solar gain. The main Central space is the meditation hall.

Source of Information: Auromesa LLC website



If you feel any information lacking or needing correction on this page, please help us to update it.

Contact Details
Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre, New Mexico, USA
Address: 101 Coyote Loop, Arroyo-Hondo, New-Mexico USA 87513
Phone: +1 575 776 2212
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Review of Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre, New Mexico, USA:
That's the best I've felt in weeks-- thank so much! I want to thanks Tizia Oconnor for my treatments and her lovely friendship and amazing presence. - Joanne M. from Taos (September 2013) Looking forward to our next session. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You have played a very big role in that regard, i.e., helping me to change. After your "quantum leap" my body has not been as good as it is now since I can't remember when. I have a lot to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving and you will be in my mind on that day as one of my biggest blessings. It's no joke - you are marvellous and thanks to your splendid work, I shall more likely than not live to be 100. A million thanks. - Kay from Taos (April 2013) I hope you know what an impact your panchakarma had on me. Your gentle ways, kindness and loving care meant so much to me, i look forward to return to Auromesa. - Joe N. from New York City (2013) Thank you so so much. You have really helped me and I know digestion is extremely important for long term health! In gratitude, - Susan K. (April 2013) The Depth of peace provided at Auromesa was truly healing. i have completed a 7 days PK and feel like a new man, i thank you for the work you do, i love Auromesa and it is now a place in my heart that will keep feeding me. - Ken from Arizona (June 2013) Tizia and Paul take good care of your special needs from morning to bedtime. Very caring and compassionate poeple. The quality of all treatments is excellent. Loved learning Tibetan Yoga every morning with Paul. Everything was great. - Gary from Tampa, FL (June 2013) (after a10 days PK) Tizia and Paul, thank you so much for the wonderful experience at Auromesa. Your spirits are truly healing. I feel fantastic. I am following all the routines. The Vata reducingn diet is MOSTLY being followed. I'm continuing my yoga and meditation and generally feeling joyful and happy. Love to you, thanks for the instruction. BEST TO YOU BOTH. - Dee from Santa Fe (Oct. 20th 2013)
Reviews of Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre, New Mexico, USA:
Review by Jackie MC Cray Saturday 13 February, 2016
also really wanted to write a testimonial for Auromesa and PK:

Tizia and Paul have created in Auromesa a place of incredible healing and nourishment. If you are ready to welcome positive change into your life, let go of old pain, and deeply improve your health, you must go for a week long Panchakarma treatment. It is worth every penny, every mile traveled, every day of work missed, every possible sacrifice needed to make it happen. You will be nourished from your roots up, touched irreversibly in all aspects of your life. You will learn how to begin healing yourself and develop daily self care routines that are realistically attainable yet profound.

Tizia and Paul are instantly likeable, welcoming you warmly into their beautiful home. Their authentic and creative lifestyle inspires respect and admiration. Tizia will bathe you in wisdom, light, real talk, and holistic Ayurvedic healing treatments. Paul will nourish you with lovingly prepared nutrient dense meals, and even teach you how! Staying at Auromesa is an artist and nature lover's delight, and the beautiful Taos backdrops will nourish your soul.

If you feel at all compelled to visit this special place, that is your calling. You will always be glad that you did.

Jackie- Long Beach, WA

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Review by aurelio aurelio Friday 14 August, 2009
After an initial visit and being very inspired by the special setting of the place on the mesa close to the Rio Grande Gorge and hot springs down at the river, the inner call for a time of purification was confirmed with the trust that this is a special place and the right atmosphere to surrender to a deeper process. Through the first consultation the basic diagnosis evolved and a date was set within a month, and dietary instructions and medicines were given for the preparatory time of purvakarma, and it felt good to be given the trust and responsibilty to fully participate in the treatment. On arrival a few weeks later in the lovingly prepared accommodation the first meal of kichari immediately tuned into the menu-plan for the coming 10 days. The main consultation laid out the treatment-procedures and I appreciated the possibility of learning about the parameters and background and reasons of ensuing steps. A special bonus of the process were daily Ayuryoga-classes early each morning in the meditation room with special emphasis on doshic balancing. The homely atmosphere - and integration into the very kind and caring practitioner's household and serene setting and open horizons on the mesa allowed me to really dive into a deep transformative time under the very caring facilitation of Tizia. Having lived in India for many years, staying with teachers and masters, I was very happy seeing the benefit again of staying in the immediate environment and household of the holistic practitioner and through that have the chance of an all round care-taking, feedback and pragmatic integration of the unfolding steps of the healing process. This had been a very rewarding and deep healing experience with the additional bonus of having met precious fellow human beings and new friends on the path .... a true opening of the heart, with a very grounded outcome in finding a deeper and rejuvenated balance with my body, mind and soul !

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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After an initial visit and being very inspired by the specia ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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