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Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
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Ayurveda Paragon Hotel, Talpe, Sri Lanka
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Location: Tropical, light- and air-flooded architecture directly on the Indian Ocean.

Nearest Railway Station: Galle

Nearest Airport: Colombo

About the Hospital:


The Ayurveda Paragon is located approx. 130 km south of the capital of Colombo. Our marvellous building was constructed in 1996 by a student of the famous tropical architect Geoffrey Bawa. The hotel is a prime example of light-flooded and open-air architecture perfectly suitable for the tropical climate of Sri Lanka. Warm and bright colours as well as huge open areas create the tropical ambience and provide transparency and width. The beautiful furniture in our lobby consists of authentic, antique collector's items which reflect the colonial styles of the past centuries. With 68 rooms, 25 treatment-rooms and four highly educated Ayurvedic doctors, 58 Ayurvedic therapists and a host of staff eager to show Asian hospitality, the Ayurveda Paragon offers the perfect conditions for health and well-being.

Number of Doctors in Hospital: 5



Dr. Buddhike Senevirathna, D.A., M.Ac.F., D.Ac.

For many guests, he is the epitome of the Paragon and the Ayurvedic art of healing par excellence: Dr. Buddhike Senevirathna, usually referred to as "Dr. Buddhike". As an Ayurvedic doctor in the 8th generation, he virtually took up the knowledge of the healing powers of nature from the cradle. From early age on he learned to appreciate the numerous types of Ayurvedic treatments and the use of natural remedies from his father as well as his grandfather.


Dr. Yamunani Kapuge

In the year 2012, our team of doctors was enriched by a further specialist. Please welcome our new collegue Dr. Yumanani Kapuge. A child of the city of Galle, Dr. Yamunani graduated from the acclaimed Southland Collage in the year 2000. Throughout her youth she knew she wanted to become an Ayurvedic doctor and so she began her studies in 2002 at the Colombo University of Indigenous Medicine, which she completed in 2009. In addition to that she completed training in acupuncture at the International Acupuncture Institute in Colombo. Her younger sister meanwhile studies western medicine in Moscow.


Dr. Poshini Wanigasekara D.S.A.M.S. (Hon.), D.Ac., M.Ac.F.

Yet another one of our Ayurvedic doctors with a tongue-breaking name. In general, she is therefore referred to as "Dr. Poshini". It is with this name that she is known and appreciated by guests and colleagues alike. Born in the South of the island in Matara as the daughter of a music-teacher, Dr. Poshini’s father originally had a musical career in mind for her. But after an outstanding high school diploma at Sujatha Girl´s School in Matara, she decided to seek an academic education.


Abhyanga – Body Massage - The aim of Abhyanga massage is to bring equilibrium to the body by harmonizing and stabilizing the Doshas. Abhyanga massage is a gentle but firm whole body massage from head to toe using warm medicated oils chosen according to your constitutional type.  The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way by two therapists massaging simultaneously, achieving intense regeneration, relaxation and detoxification. The organism is supplied with warmth and vitality while cell-regeneration is activated and the body is revitalized. You will feel inner peace, lightness and serenity.


Acupuncture - Used as additional treatment to compliment your Ayurvedic cure and can achieve excellent results. It is an integrated part of our Ayurvedic programme and will not be charged separately. Acupuncture was integrated into Ayurveda thousands of years ago. After all, Ayurveda has had a major influence on traditional Chinese medicine. This knowledge had been nearly lost. Ayurveda Paragon combines the two to a perfect synthesis of natural healing methods. In many cases the use of acupuncture has proven to be a valuable additional support in your healing- and recovery process. There is no extra charge for this additional service.


Flower Bath - The divine conclusion of your Ayurvedic cure: The flower bath closes the pores and returns the body to “normal” climate. This fairly cool bath seduces the senses with the scent of sandalwood and flower essences.

Flower bath

Avagahana Sweda - Herbal Bath - This bath is one of the most common ways to remove toxins from the body. Herbs and whole leaves, attuned to your constitutional type, are added to the lukewarm water, thus opening your pores and removing toxins.

Pindasweda - Small bags filled with a warm herbal mixture are used to massage the whole body or parts thereof, causing an increase of the body heat. This stimulates cell regeneration, loosens toxins within the body and removes excess water. The pleasant warmth soothes and regulates the Doshas.

Sarwangadhara – Warm Oil Shower - Nearly two litres of warm medicated oil are slowly poured over the entire body together with mild massages. The oil has therapeutic effects, warms and detoxifies the body. Also called “Pizzichil”.

Shirodhara - The gentle flowing of oil on the forehead – certainly one of the most famous Ayurvedic treatments of all, whereby warm Ayurvedic oil is gently and steadily poured over the forehead in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement. This results in balancing the Doshas and a fantastic sense of deep physical and mental relaxation and inner peace. The Shirodhara treatment is highly effective in removing mental stress and anxieties, in treating insomnia and also in curing headache and regulating blood-pressure.


Udvartana – Powder-Massage - By mostconsidered to be a very special treat. Literally Udvartana means: massage with powder. After applying a small quantity of oil (in some cases this is also done without oil), a powder consisting of dry herbs is applied by two therapists and massaged synchronously into the skin. This stimulates the skin’s metabolism and the blood circulation.

Body, Mind and Soul - To support not only your physical regeneration, we also offer Yoga-instructions of different Yoga traditions. Yoga is known to assist in achieving harmony of body and soul and is a perfect addition to your Ayurveda cure. It is relaxing, contributes to the inner balance and stimulates your metabolism.

Accommodation facilities:

All 68 rooms of hotel Ayurveda Paragon Sri Lanka, elegantly furnished in bright tropical colours, have a balcony or a terrace facing the sea side. The Rooms All rooms, elegantly furnished in bright tropical colours, have a balcony or a terrace facing the sea side. The sea breeze provides for natural cooling throughout the year. For goods reasons, we renounce television or Internet connections in the rooms, as we want you to completely concentrate on your cure. The absence of media distractions will help you to find rest, contemplation and relaxation. Ceiling fans and mosquito nets give additional comfort and lend tropical ambience to the rooms. There is no air condition in our rooms as this would endanger the success of your cure. From the Ayurvedic point of view, cooling down the body prevents the Ayurvedic treatments from unfolding their full effects, especially during your Shirodhara treatments.


Price details: US$ 2,566 for two weeks

Source of Food: From outside market

Is food Organic?: No

Is white sugar served?: No

Are nightshades served?: No

Is chilli served?: No

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: Yes

Noise in the vicinity?: Yes

Are there cell phone towers?: No

Any other noise/pollution?: Most of the noise pollution originates from the Indian Ocean

Is vaastu applied?: Yes

Source of Information: Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Website



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Ayurvedic Medicine: Past & Present.


Promactil Capsules (100 Tablets)

Qurs Abyaz (40 Tablets)

BAPS Amrut Wheat Grass Tablets (120 Tablets)

Contact Details
Ayurveda Paragon Hotel, Talpe, Sri Lanka
Address: 1002, Matara Road, Talpe-80615, Sri Lanka
Phone: 0094914384886, 0094914384887, 0094914384888
Fax: 0094914384889
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