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Lavanya Ayurvedic Kayakalap Anusandhan Kendra, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
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It is situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Mission & Vission

Our Mission is to serve the people by providing education about Ayurveda and striving for "Global Wellness" through Ayurveda. We are committed to bring to the world high quality Ayurvedic systems of treatment embodied with excellence in service for better health and happiness of mankind.

Our Vision is to be see a healthier world, with the help of ancient Ayurvedic achievements and new age scientific technology. We aspire to blend the science of Ayurveda with modern medical research methodology to provide natural solutions to human ailments.

About the centre:

Lavanya Ayurveda, for the last 15 years is engaged in treating patients of incurable diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis-B and C, Asthma, Diabetes etc. A very large number of Cancer patient have shown their faith in the treatment provided to them by Lavanya Ayurveda as the subjective as well as objective relief was invariably reported.

The treatment which is of trifold type viz. Daivavyapashray ie. Chanting of hymns, fumigation, pacifying various Zodiac sign, Crystal and Gem Therapy etc. based on Medical Astrology; Yuktivyapashray i.e. Logically decided treatment of various physical and mental states with the application of Ras-Rasayan prepared with eight stages purified Mercury, various metals like gold, silver, copper and minerals like Abhrak etc. including Panchkarma Therapy. Leech therapy, various Bastis, Agnikarma (Cauterization with silver rods) like para-surgical methods were also applied.

Lastly personal and social hygiene with psychotherapy (Sadvritta) Satwavajay Chikitsa (life style modification) is the way of boosting physical and mental health and hygiene is applied. Wherever necessary assistance of other systems of medicine like Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga and Panchkarma, Acupresure and Acupuncture was also taken. The facilities of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Ventilator with well-equipped operation theatre provided assistance for early recovery in Cancer cases.

Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital

The task of trifold treatment could not be completed unless the Ayurvedic formulations used as Ras-Rasayan of Lavanya Ayurveda could have not been strictly confirming the standards as laid down in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India and other Standards as laid down for this purpose the quality of those medicines. It was tried that FDA and GMP rules are followed for assuring the high quality of Ayurvedic formulations used by our patients.

The unflinching loyality towards our patients and devotion of our team of Doctors resulted in positive improvement in Cancer patients. The protocol used for recording detais of patients before, during and after treatment besides specifically designed diagnostic Software determined the Prakriti and Vikirti complied with present era requirements for compilation the details of patients.

Present compilations are some reports, is a glimpse of the achievements obtained at Lavanya Ayurveda. This not only underlines the story of our success but also confirm that properly done diagnosis and adequately applied treatment proves that Ayurveda is not a miracle, it is factual evidence of thousand years old our system of medicine ie. Ayurveda We acknowledge our thanks to those who contributed in preparing and finalizing the material of this presentation.

Treatment Methodology:
Our diagnostic procedure gives us a concluded samprapti and subjective assessment of the patient. As we know Ayurveda provides only subjective treatment. But today only subjective assessment of any patient is not enough, qualitative assessment is also necessary. We have developed Protocol Performa of different types of Cancer in which, we assess the patient after every 30 days in both the criteria’s. According to samprapti we provide shodhan and shaman chikitsa.

(a.) Shodhan means the purification and detoxification of the body by panchkarma. At Lavanya we follow all the rules and regulations for pre and post karmas as described in our texts.
(b.) Shaman chikitsa is based on herbal and mineral combinations.



Agni Karm:

We use this method basically in open wounds for the cauterization of that particular place. This is done by Silver, Copper or Alloy/Iron rods.

Kshar Karm:

We apply Kshar Sutra in open necrossed wound, fissure, fistula, piles as described in our ancient texts of Ayurveda.

Jaluka Apcharan:

(a.) Raktmokshan is one of the ancient and important para-surgical procedure described in Ayurveda.
(b.) We use six non-poisonous leeches.
(c.) A leech may remain from 30min. to 1.5 hrs. as it sucks blood.
(d.) During feeding it may suck 5-15 ml, of blood.
(e.) Same leech will be used again after one week.
(f.) We are using the leeches in Cancerous growth, Vidradhi, Granthi, Gulm and in Arthritis also.

Acupuncher :

This is a treatment by fine needles. It helps in reducing the pain and improving the blood circulation.


(a.) We have correlated Acupressure points with Marmas as mentioned in Ayurveda. During Snehan of Panchkarma specialized massage is done around the acupressure points which is as suggested in HMS report.
(b.) Along with all these facilities under one roof we have well equipped Operation Theatre and Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.) with ventilators.

Satvavajay Chikitsa: (Life-Style Modification)

It is livelihood based on Hygienic living and following social and personal ethical norms (Achar Rasayan) amalgamated with Yoga, Pranayam and initialization various Chakras for properly activated Hormones secreting Endocrine Glands to establish and ideal disease free society.

Daiv-Vyapashray Chikitsa:

It is based on hymns (Mantras) and worshiping various Deities/Devtas. Zodiac signs (Rashis) Astrological Signs (Nakshatra) etc. for Daiv- Vyapashray, Agnikundas to perform different Yagya, Havan, Poojan and Grah Shanti are founded to perform various rituals. A team of highly qualified Pandits is engaged to conduct the holy task of Graha Shanti which helps in early curing the disease cancer and to induce the feeling of well being.

Yukti-Vyapashraya Chikitsa: (Logically decided treatments)

It is based on herbs, metals, mineral or animal products and Panchkarma.

Satvavajaya Chikitsa: (Life Style Modification)

It is livelihood based on hygienic living and following social and personal ethical norms (Achar Rasayan) amalgamated with Yoga, Pranayam and initializing various Chakras for properly activated Hormones secreting Endocrine Glands to establish and ideal and disease free society. It will be quite relevant to have a short look on the details of cancer as appeared in modern scientific literature as well as in Ayurvedic texts.

Other Treatment:

List of All Cancer:

  1. Subjective & Objective of Breast Cancer
  2. Subjective & Objective of Ca Kidney
  3. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Lymphoma
  4. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Stomach
  5. Subjective & Objective of Ca Blood
  6. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Bone
  7. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Brain
  8. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Colon
  9. Subjective & Objective of Ca. G.B
  10. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Larynx
  11. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Liver
  12. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Lung
  13. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Mouth
  14. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Oesophagus
  15. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Pancrease
  16. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Prostate
  17. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Thyroid
  18. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Urinary Bladder
  19. Subjective & Objective of Ca. Uterus


We provide organic food.


There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.


Vaastu has been applied for the buildings.



If you feel any information lacking or needing correction on this page, please help us to update it.

Contact Details
Lavanya Ayurvedic Kayakalap Anusandhan Kendra, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Address: Dhawa Estate, Deva Road, Near Telco Co, chinhat, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone: 09335906425, 09838506878
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