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Ayuryoga Institute, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
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Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka
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The Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort specialises exclusively in Ayurveda. The Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort is situated in Ahungalla in the south west of Sri Lanka around 75 km south from Colombo, on a very long stretch of sandy beach between shady coconut palms and directly by the tropical warm Indian Ocean.


The Villa is under management of Mr. Huber, an Austrian and his Singhalese wife. Personalized service, family atmosphere and caring for the guests are the forefront of the Lotus-Villa´s staff mind.

The grounds consists of a large garden, in with 19 ground-floor rooms, the restaurant and treatment rooms. All facilities are accessible by wheelchair. The drinking water throughout the whole house fulfils the standards of international law. At the Lotus-Villa you will be given in your room the newest qualification certificate of the water. In the natural garden are also located a waterfall, which many of the guests and patients call meditation fountain, an Ayurvedic herbal sauna, a stony oil-bath-tube for skin treatments, a raised Yoga and meditation platform and a fresh water pool.

In the second part of the ground are situated the pharmacy with "oil-kitchen" (in which the oils for treatments and medicine itself are produced), a bedroom for physicians on night duty and one for the night duty manager, water-filtering-system, rooms for the employees (at present there are 118 people employed), an own launderette (which can "remove oils" from anything), office and a workshop and next to the bird Moliere, the Lotus-Fountain.


For re-charging the energy of the body, strengthening the immunity system and for internal detoxification - Single room: 154€ per day & Double room: 130€ per day.

Ayur-Rehabilitation Cure - For treatment of sicknesses as for example: low/high blood pressure, migraine, all digesting disturbances, sleep disturbances, joint problems, Arthritis, "bourn out" syndrome, skin diseases, neurodermitis, all kind of allergies, asthma, eye diseases, cancer before and after chemotherapy, over-weight, Parkinson etc. etc., - Single room: 180€ per day & Double room: 157€ per day.

Ayup - Single room: 115€ per day & Double room: 96€ per day and Ayur - Single room: 126€ per day & Double room: 107€ per day.

The rates are per person/per day in a single/double room with sea view, transfer airport-Lotus-airport, all treatments and doctors consultation, medicine during the cure, ayurvedic food, teas, drinking water, Yoga and meditation, Tai Chi, several workshops (cooking etc.), shows in the evening.


Experienced doctors and therapists in nice surroundings with perfect care.


Chief of Lotus Villa


In Ayurveda restaurant and kitchen are quite different to a usual catering business. Many restaurants do not care much about health but rather try to make the food look good, taste good and are concerned about quantities. Ayurvedic nutrition also cares about appearance and taste. However, the most important aspect is health. Every individual meal must be produced to suit each individual’s needs. Moreover, in Ayurveda there are 6 categories of taste (instead of the usual 5) which are to be taken into account. In our Lotus-Villa the kitchen is being checked every lunchtime and evening by one of our Ayurveda physicians.

After the first consultation with an Ayurveda physician each patient will receive a personal nutritional plan which will also be forwarded to our kitchen and restaurant. The Hotel is pleased to explain your personal nutritional plan if you so desire. Since these criteria are only valid for a short period of time we will give you a nutritional recommendation for daily use at the end of your stay. This daily list is based on European fruit and vegetables. In our The Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort you will obviously eat the local fruit and vegetables.


The rooms are an important thing for each guest or patient, as these are going to be their "sanctuary" in the next days and weeks during the stay. Because the rooms are mainly not the same as ones own "four walls" at home, one needs a certain time until one "settles in". When one comes here for the second time it is usually easier to find ones way around.

6 single rooms and 14 double rooms (with two washbasins each). They are around 25 m in size. Three of the rooms also have a connecting door to the neighboring rooms, which is often very comfortable for accompanying people and also for couples, who wish to sleep separate during the time of treatments. For people with back problems the resort can provide water beds (small fee) or place underlies under mattresses.


Bed linen and towels are changed daily. Reason being: after treatments some oil or medicine residue always stays on the body, which might cause ant invasions. Every room is fitted with an alarm bell and the three rooms for wheelchair users have the alarm-bell-string reach right down to the floor in the bathroom. Because of the treatments, the pores need to stay open and hence we do not have air-conditioner but fans in the rooms and against possible mosquito bites, there are mosquito nets.

By the way: the warm water supply throughout the entire house except for the launderette is powered by solar energy. Our water-filtering-system produces drinking water to the requirements of international laws. Therefore you can use for example the water in the bathroom to brush your teeth.


If you feel any information lacking or needing correction on this page, please help us to update it.

Contact Details
Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka
Address: Ayurveda Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Lotus Rest (PVT) Ltd., 162/19 Wathuregama Ahungalla, Sri Lanka - Post code: LK 80562.
Phone: +94-91-22 64 082
Fax: +94-91-22 64 083
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