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Indian School of Martial Arts (I.S.M.A Kalari), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Indian School of Martial Arts (I.S.M.A Kalari), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Panchakarma is the best holiday you can take for mind, body and soul. It cleanses the physiology on all levels and thus increases your capacity to be happy. It prevents many diseases by removing the root of disease.

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Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital, Delhi
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by Sonali Rai Date Added: Tuesday 28 June, 2016
For me, it was a nice experience with the staff members. All are so polite and helpful. And the facilities are so good and trust worthy. I believe in ayurvedic treatement because ayurveda has the power of nature. One of stuff member suggest me to use ayurvedic cosmetic products for skin and hair care from Kama Ayurveda store. The outcomes are really effective and amazing. I want to aware people towards ayurveda. Visit -

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by rajen singla Date Added: Wednesday 19 June, 2013
An excellent place to get treated - little expansive but you can not value yr money with yr health. Money can be recovered but if the problem continues that make you inefficient in terms of yr office work and you loose there the money . I got treated from Dr Raju - great personality and gives plenty of time to discuss yr problem and Dr Raju listens it very carefully and is not in hurry to push you out from his cabin. Got treated for Insomia - ie:: sleepeing disorder and tried before many allopathic medicines but helps you just for short time I mean as long as you keep on taking the pill and is not the permanent soloution where as in ayurveda - certainly can say a permanent soloution and the best part is if it odes not help it does not ruin your health. Now I am trying for my left knee joint - which is giving me the problem from the last couple of years and feels difficult in walking - I am sure the ayurvedic medicines will help me to get rid of this problem.

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by Afsaneh ghadimi Date Added: Wednesday 19 December, 2012
I spent 18 days at the hospital in September-October 2012 and it did me a lot of good and as I was not feeling very good I got back my energy and I feel much much healthier than before. I want to thank first of all Dr. Raju for all the
help he gave me and of course the very kind and helpful staff of the hospital.
I will go back very soon and I already look forward to my next visit there.

thank you again, all of you at the Maharishi Hospital.
and see you soon

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by cora Date Added: Saturday 11 December, 2010
I have been going to the clinic for Dr Raju's and PK since 2002,I go every year once or twice having treatments from 10 days to 23 days. I find the 23 days treatment is incredibly effective. Over the years I have seen healing "miracles", people looking 10-15 years younger, for me it is a "non negotiable" visit... and every time I go is like going back home, everybody is so nice, professional and I feel very lucky to be there.
I have been in all seasons, winter and summer, and in between, the clinic has AC and never felt uncomfortable neither too cold or too hot.
The best place to spend your holidays!
Thank you Dr Raju and thank you to all the staff in the clinic.

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by Vinay Girotra Date Added: Wednesday 08 December, 2010
I was suffering from lot of problems causing many a troubles like anxiety, high blood pressure, high hear beat but till date all the diagnoses could not detect the root cause for the same. Today in the morning also being thru ENDOSCOPY, ULTRASOUND and Blood Tests, after meeting doctors I had decided to meed Dr Raju, I found amazing after doing the pulse checking what he had said was amazing, it was the same what was indicated in ENDOSCOPY & ULTRASOUND Reports. What all I had heard about him, found correct and up to mark and had build up faith Ayurveda can do miracles and I have complete faith his diagnoses will cure me to an healthy life and wish Ayurveda should become more popular and reach to all kind of people. ...

Jai Guru Dev.

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by Bob Banham Date Added: Saturday 17 April, 2010
I spent a total of 5 weeks here in 2003 and it was the most amazing experience of my life! Dr Raju and his staff are fantastic and I will return one day.

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I spent a total of 5 weeks here in 2003 and it was the most ..
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Congratulation to a brilliant idea to put it all together.......

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