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Indian School of Martial Arts (I.S.M.A Kalari), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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Maharshi Atreya Health Centre, Baroda, Gujarat
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Our centre is located in Gujarat state of India, where Alcohol consumption is prohibited. MAHC is spread over - 30,000 sq.ft. Area in Baroda.

Nearest Railway Station: Vadodara

Nearest Airport: Vadodara


MAHC is Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy centre for those who desire long and healthy life. We offer Genuine Ayurvedic treatment for diseases with Ayurvedic medicine & Panchakarma treatment. It is a Panchakarma centre with all modern facilities and one of the best Ayurvedic hospitals in India.

A Unique feature of this Centre is use of Ayurvedic treatment for the purpose of life extension and rejuvenation. The centre will offer risk factor analysis based on western criteria such as lipid profile, blood pressure and cardiovascular status. It will then correlate with Ayurvedic assessment based on individual constitution and prescribed individual diet, herbs for disease prevention, health maintenance and life extension.


It is an Ayurvedic hospital that provides Alternative treatment with Alternative medicine for chronic diseases, like Hair loss, Acid peptic disorder, Asthma, Arthritis, Obesity, Psoriasis, other auto-immune diseases etc. Please visit our testimony page to know effect of Panchakarma on different diseases.

MAHC offers Panchakarma which includes Abhyang (Ayurvedic Massage), Shirodhara, Nasya, Basti (Shirobasti), Janu basti, Kati basti, Hraday basti.

Maharshi Atreya Health Centre also offers an Unique Rejuvenation Therapy for those who are not suffering from any disease but wish to prevent it in future by cleaning body internally.


Dr. Dinesh Pandya - Dr. Dinesh C Pandya is a pioneer of this rejuvenation centre. Idea of this centre he got from his father Late Dr. C L Pandya who was a well known ayurvedic physician of Gujarat. Dr. Dinesh C Pandya is a bridge between Allopathy and Ayurveda.

He did his Post graduation in Ayurveda and did PhD in {Pharmacology} from Baroda Medical College, Baroda (M. S. University, Baroda) under Dr. O D Gulati who is a well known pharmacologist of India.

Dr. Pandya was working as a Senior Research Officer at S.U.P.A.R. Unit, Dept of Pharmacology, and Medical Collage Baroda for 15 years. He has presented research papers in national and international conferences of Pharmacology. He worked in the field of Gastroenterology especially on acid peptic Disorder.

He was appointed as a physician at Maharshi Ayurveda Prevention centre in Fairfield, USA. He is practicing in Ayurvedic system of medicine from 1969. He has developed his own cultivation of Ayurvedic herbs for the patients at hospital.

Dr. Kumudben Pandya- Dr {Mrs.} Kumud Pandya is practicing Ayurveda for last 20 years. She looks after for different Panchakarma procedures at MAHC. Her field of interest is obesity and its related ailment. She has huge experience of treating osteoarthritis.

Dr. Avani Pandya - Dr. Avani Pandya is a young, enthusiastic and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor. She did her graduation from Govt. Ayurvedic College, Vadodara. She is providing health services as a chief physician at Vayaskashram Ayurhomoeo Charitable Rahat Hospital. Her fields of interest are Gynecologic disorder, Male and Female infertility, arthritis, migraines, Hay Fever, .bronchitis, psoriasis etc. She has treated number of cases with Panchakarma. She is an expert for autoimmune disorders with rejuvenation therapy and Panchakarma. At present she looks after MAHC as a Chief Physician.

Dr. Jaydev Pandya - Dr.Jaydev Pandya is a young Homoeopathic Doctor. He is a chief Physician of Panchakarm and Homoeopathic wing at MAHC. He is also Working at different charitable dispensary.

We have specialized Panchakarma technicians. Male technician for Male guests & Female technician for Female guests.


MAHC has 6 rooms for guest stay, 2 rooms for Panchakarma treatment (One for Male guests & other for Female guests). All 6 guests rooms (Each approximately 120 sq.ft.) has 2 single beds, attached bathroom, western toilet, Hot & Cold water facility, television, air condition and internet. Each room for Panchakarma treatment has attached bathroom, western toilet, Hot & Cold water facility.


Guests are provided with Ayurvedic diet - 100% fresh vegetarian food prepared by trained cook.


The doctors are available 24 hours at MAHC. At MAHC, all the material required for treatment e.g. Napkin, Bad sheet, Oil etc are used for only One Time, every day for each person. i.e. each person will get new set of all materials every day. The place is being maintained highly hygienic, clean and neat. All the rooms are fully furnished, facing natural scenes, hot & cold water facility, cross ventilation for continuous flow of fresh air.

The rooms have large area of glass window to allow good amount of sunlight, equipped with Air-Conditioner choice to have non-Ac room, 24 hours electric supply & backup by powerful electrical generator. There are common ways of communication facilities available at MAHC, like Telephone and Internet.


Dr. Hildegatd Klein Age: 58 Yrs. Place: Riucon de la Victoria, Spain – Rejuvenation - I found your centre on internet, among other Ayurveda centre in India. Your wisdom and philosophy will certainly help me to overcome future, personal and physical problems with the repetition of "don't worry". This is especially important in our hectic and selfish world. The Panchakarma treatment will have a beneficial effect on my health in the long time. So my stay here was proved very positive....
Name: Dr. Smita Age: 28 Yrs. Place: New York, USA Arthritis
Being an allopathic doctor I have limited faith in Ayurveda and did not know what to expect but coming here, it has helped me open my mind to this ancient medical system of our country which can be used to treat illness where Allopathy has limitation. I am very much benefited with this treatment. I recommend all the patient of arthritis to visit this centre

Patel Jayantibhai N. Age: 65 yrs Place: Surat - I was suffering from Lung Cancer and I was not able to walk for 2 minutes. I met Dr. Pandya and consulted him

Pandya Jaimin Age: 45 Yrs. Place: Chicago, USA – Hypertension I was suffering from hypertension. I came here and found that my blood pressure became normal. The great problem of sleeplessness is disappeared.

Shah Bhargav Age: 26 Yrs. Place: Georgea, USA – Psoriasis I think, this is the only successful therapy of Psoriasis and I wish everybody must undergo with Panchakarma treatment who want to keep them healthy.

Chikhodariya Bhavin Age: 45 Place: LA, USA Osteoarthritis I am very much impressed by honesty-disciplined and devotee staff members. Centre is very clean and nice I am benefited in acid peptic disorder 90% within one week what was for last couple of years. Treatment is excellent

Deepal Patel Age: 18 Yrs. Place: London – Depression I was suffering from Depression. I came to know about this centre. I came to India to undergo treatment. I stayed here and got better. I appreciate so much for doctors and their support

Shakuntalaben Patel Age: 56 Yrs. Place: UK - Ulcerative Colitis After my 4 weeks of treatment is over I am feeling much better. I was off the steroids in my third week. I lost 11 kg (24.2lbs) weight with special design Ayurvedic diet according to individual Ayurvedic constitution by DR. Avaniben and I am almost relieved in the all symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

Jyoti D Desai Age: 43 Yrs. Place: Kandivali (east) Bombay - Psoriasis
Let me tell in different way that first I thanks God to give me Psoriasis, Due to this horrible disease I met the wonderful family of Maharshi Atreya Health Centre. I am fine with this treatment.

Sheetal Patel Age: 32 Yrs. Place: USMigraine (Headache) - I was suffering from very bad headache from last couple of years. I have lost my all hopes for getting better from this disease. My husbands came to India and inquire about this center. I came here for the treatment, now I do not have any sign of headache. From second day of treatment my headache has gone 100 % without any pain killer.


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Contact Details
Maharshi Atreya Health Centre, Baroda, Gujarat
Address: Undera Koyali main road, Undera, Dist: Baroda - 391330, Gujarat.
Phone: +91-265-2265140, +91-9824099234
Mobile: +91-9327219418
Reviews of Maharshi Atreya Health Centre, Baroda, Gujarat:
Review by sherry tucker Thursday 04 August, 2011
i have visited this facility 2 times in past & was greatly benefited by the treatments. the staff & Pandya family have become dear & cherished friends. i highly recommend a stay at this newly remodeled center..namaste

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i have visited this facility 2 times in past & was greatly b ..
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Congratulation to a brilliant idea to put it all together.......

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