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Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
Herbal chai tea (cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, clove, black pepper and saffron) is amazing in winter to prevent coughs and colds.

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Rasaynam rejuvenating Life, New Delhi, India
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It is located in Delhi, the capital of India.

About the Center:

Rasaynam Rejuvenating Life are offering services related to Ayurvedic Therapy, Treatment and Products. The team exercising Ayurvedic practices is a perfect combination of Ayurveda Therapists and practitioners.

Rasaynam Rejuvenating Life established in the year 2010 is a Proprietorship Firm, engaged in providing services of Ayurvedic Therapy, Treatment and wholesaling Ayurvedic Products. Our range includes Consultation, Clinical Panchakarma, Panchendriya Rejuvenation, Asthapanam Vasti, Kshar Sutra Treatment, Ayurvedic Medicine, Nasyam Theraphy, Relaxation Therapy, Virechan Therapy, Vaman Therapy and Panchakarma Message Table.

Our organization aims at delivering finest solutions of Ayurveda the science that deals with life to all our clients. Ayurveada being a traditional system of treating the mind, soul and body from all types of ailments has been into practice as medical science for more than 5000 years. Doshas vatta, Kapha and Pitta, the three basic humors in Ayurveda that is responsible for human organism functioning. Disturbance in these three humors creates problems in terms of illness and disease. At Rasayanam, we believe in balancing the three factors in the best possible way to ensure good health and well being of the mankind.

Services in form of therapy and treatment are designed in accordance to requirements of clients and the viewing the critical aspects of their health issues. Products that we offer are sourced from reliable vendors of the nation. These products are made available in the Market in tamper proof packing with date of manufacture and expiry. Healing abilities and effectiveness of these products make them highly reliable and the most preferred one among clients from national to international market.
Understanding various requirements of body, we plan our treatment and therapies. In making this done, we are supported by a team of Ayurveda practitioners and doctors, with belief on the science that deals with life. Being highly experienced the team working with us are dedicated to ensure well being of man, hence, keeps on researching on the ancient art of healing in the best possible way.


"To increase and maintain health of healthy person and to devoid disease of the unhealthy person that help in increasing the age by maintaining good health of person. This is the motto of "AYURVEDA" which comprises AYUR + VEDA, i. e., by the following the Antics, we are increasing the age (by maintaining & providing good Health).”


Rasaynam Rejuvenating Life is one of the leading names in the field of treating chronic disease around the globe. In providing this types of treatments our experts first analyses the exact reason for the disease and will rectify that disease with the help of appropriate medicines. All the medicines in our concern are made of pure herbs and are free from chemicals. This medicine cures all the chronic disorders.

A perfect blend of qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners and Therapists, we are a prominent Ayurvedic Wellness Center engaged in offering a wide gamut of Ayurveda based Treatment and Therapies for various ailments. Our wide assortment of services includes Detoxification/Revitalization Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, Keraliya Panchakarma and Nasyam.

Panchendriya Rejuvenation


Our firm uses only natural products for providing this kind of treatments. This treatment is featured with five-sense awakening techniques for enriching your health. In this therapy we highlight ears, tongues, eyes, skin and nose functioning’s effectively.  Due to these treatments you can be free from troubles in these five parts.

Agnikarma Therapy


The treatment process is provided in such a way applying heat direct to various parts of body using a metallic rod. The metallic rod such used is of Penta-metallic combinational rods, which constitutes of metals such as gold, silver, iron, copper and brass. This variant of ayurvedic therapy is also called as Dahan Karma, used widely in treatment of arthritis.

Raktamokshanam Therapy


This is an efficient process of ayurvedic therapy, which is utilized in purification of blood in the body to the patients. It is a kind of therapeutic treatment that helps in curing a wide rang of disorders such Herpes, Jaundice, Ulcers, Gout and Piles. Here in this process the vitiated blood is separated from the body using proficient surgical equipments as like as a Raktamokshana.

Uttar Vasti


Under able guidance of our well-trained and experienced ayurvedic experts, we are able to provide Uttar Vasti, which one of the best ayurvedic treatments. These treatments help in enhancement and tone up the functions of uterus.  In this process the intra-uterine organs are inseminated using medically treated herbal oils and ghrit (phalaghrit), which doesn’t require sedation or anesthesia.  Moreover, it is also used in treatment of disorders related to fallopian tubes.

Anuvasanam Vasti


Strictly following the research modules of our well-experienced experts of ayurvedic treatments, we provide Anuvasanam Vasti. This treatment is undergone using extracts of naturally grown herbals, natural oils and milk. In this process the medicated oils and medicines are induced through perineum-anus, urethra of man or vagina of women. This used as a stimulating, cleaning and purifying agent in ayurvedic therapy. This is one of the best variant of ayurvedic therapeutic treatments.

Asthapanam Vasti


 In these types of massage we use herbal oils and root extracts sourced from top vendors in this field. Our concern has specialist massagers who are well experienced and separate gender treatments. Asthapanam Vasti gives you a relief from mental stress and head pains.

Virechan Therapy


We are providing an efficient therapeutic treatment namely Virechan Therapy. This kind of therapy helps in purification of blood from toxic contents present in small intestine, kidney and other such organs. They also help to remove the excess bile secreted in the body to reduce its toxicity. It is an efficient therapy for pitta and its related diseases. We offer these valuable therapies at reasonable price.

Vaman Therapy

Backed by the perfect state-of-art infrastructure, we are able to provide an excellent Vaman Therapy. This is the first step of therapy in the treatment nature of ayurvedic panchakarma.  This therapy creates vomiting sensation to remove all the food and unwanted substances in the stomach, which is said to be the efficient emesis therapy. This helps in treated disorders related to kapha and pitta, which causes asthma, cough and acidity.

Reiki & Acupressure Services


We hold the expertise in giving treatments like Reiki & Acupressure Services around the globe. In these types of service separate secure needles are used for everyone. It’s a service which gives relief from all internal pains and disorders.  This is a pain free method to cure you from all disorders and pains. In providing fitness and health we are mostly preferred for our service.

Infertility Treatment


We supply herbal medicines made from fresh herbs sourced from genuine vendors. In this type of treatments our medicines features the proper functioning of seven tissues responsible for reproduction. This also strengthens reproductive organs for effective intercourse with the partner. Infertility treatments can be separately given to males and females.

Treatment for Skin Diseases

Skin disease

With wide and rich industrial experience, we are able to offer Treatment for Skin Diseases. We use hand made techniques for the process of this treatments. Our firm uses reliable herbal oils and medicines to nourish your skin. In this treatment we concentrate on six layers of skin and radiant result for all skin problems. These treatments give you radiance in skin and gives infection free layers of skin. 

Wellness Center

Wellness center

Our organization is involved in running a care taking and genuine Wellness Center. This is not a wellness center alone instead it also rejuvenates your body & soul. We provide a homely environment with residential experts who reside with us for 24*7 help. In this center all types of counseling’s and treatments are undergone with the help of advanced equipments and herbs.

Detoxification/Revitalization Therapy


These therapies are provided to the patients for the process of healing the body. This special kind of treatment is recommended during spring season, because in that time the human body will be under the maximum swing of natural cleaning and rejuvenation process. This is one of the efficient body purification ayurvedic processes.

Relaxation Therapy


Possessing the skilled and trained experts, we are involved in providing a highly-effective Relaxation Therapy.  Having this therapy brings back positive energies, which makes the person active and energetic. These therapies are capable of providing complete physical relaxation, mental relaxation, emotional relaxation and spiritual relaxation. They also help in regenerating the positive energy and trigger the person to be cool and smart.

Yoga and Meditation


Our expert team allows us to provide courses on yoga and meditation. Human beings are in vast need of peace, and everybody spends plenty of money in search of peace. In our concern we are sure to give you all the peace you need with the help of yoga and meditations. We will train you from basic steps to achieve the full level of its benefit.

Keraliya Panchakarma

Keralya panchakarma

We treat all types of external and internal disease with the help of these treatments. In this treatment we use herbal extracts and medicines made of herbs. All procedures like pizichil Navarakizhi, Annalepana, Snehadhara and Takradhara are carried out in our concern.



Nasyam Theraphy is well-known for its effectiveness towards treatment of diverse disorders, which includes migraine, mental disorders, premature graying of hair, loss of smells and taste and other hormonal imbalances. We use few kinds of medically treated oils and extracts of naturally grown herbal products are directed through the nose.

Features of our Ayurvedic Treatment:

Effective and reliable solutions
Therapies, yoga and meditation under expert guidance
Resident doctor & Lady Doctor

Features of our Ayurvedic Products:

Based on traditional ayurvedic formulations
Sourced from traditional vendors
Offered in tamper proof packaging
Free from harmful chemicals
Safe to use and consume


We are well equipped with all essential equipment and experienced manpower to provide the best Ayurvedic Solutions and Treatment Services to our clients. Our wellness center is strategically located in Indian national capital New Delhi. We also have a sufficient nursing staff to take care of the consumers.

Domain Expertise

Our expertise lies in offering treatment in form of Panchkrama (process of elimination of toxins from body) includes five steps. Basti, Pa Vamana, Nasya, Virechana and Raktamoskshana, the five elements of this treatment. The treatment is the best healer of many disorders in the body and balances all doshas the energies governing our biological functioning’s.


We provide only organic food.


There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.


Vaastu has been applied for the buildings.


Vaidya Hitendra Singh



If you feel any information lacking or needing correction on this page, please help us to update it.

Contact Details
Rasaynam rejuvenating Life, New Delhi, India
Address: No. 18, Gujrat Vihar, Near Preet Vihar Metro Station, Delhi - 110 092, India
Phone: +(91)-(11)-43678523
Mobile: +(91)-9871229702
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