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AATMA - The Ayurvedic Centre, Thrissur, Kerala, India
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Atmasantulana Village, Near M.T.D.C., Karla, Maharashtra $0.00
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Review by : Avani Pawar
They are charging exorbitantly and the services in that comparison are low quality. Moreover, I found a temperament to extract maximum money from the client as they keep on charging extra all the time for various small things saying that its not included in the package, whereas a clear idea about the same was never given to me. The "A" type room that I had booked was not given to me, instead some type "B" room was given which was too crumpy and congested, however my payment difference for room "A" was never refunded. The therapist changed everyday which I later came to know that was an experimentation done on me by different trainees which I didnt appreciate atall. The therapists were good to talk with but the rest of the staff is full of countrymen and rude. You can actually see some of them spitting in and around the campus and this one is termed as an "ashram" I dont know from which perspective? The most PATHETIC AND WORST feeling struck was when I came to know that MR. Balaji Tambe is NOT A DOCTOR! I was on my toes for the next 3 days of my stay as I got an insecured feeling after knowing it. I really dont understand how he is allowed to prefix Dr. before his name? Hes some sort of guru - as termed by their staff but I also saw him yelling at the top of his voice with filled with anger and desi gallis to some of his employees! I dont know whats the definition of guru which they follow! The food was okay but they served some of the leftovers next day which is very upsetting. One more upsetting thing was that doctor never has time for you. You are guided and instructed by the therapist whos not a doctor. Even during the counselling sessions, the doctor never clearly attended my queries so always a sense of incompleteness remained. I was out of the doctor's cabin in 3-4 mins max! Overall rating - 2* that to because of the greenery maintained in the premises. Otherwise friends its definitely a big NO NO from my side. I have been to Panchakarma centers in Kerala and Bangalore and they were far much better than this one.
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