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Welcare Ayurveda Hospital, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Welcare Ayurveda Hospital, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
After Panchakarma take extra care to rest and avoid physical or mental stress. The ancient texts advise us to avoid extreme weather, too much talking, walking long distances, heavy food or any activity that is not pleasing to the senses. The body needs time to regenerate.

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Review by : Shrii
There is a huge hype with many miraculous claims surrounding the founder of Ayushakti, Pankaj Naram but it seems he is not schooled classically in Ayurveda at all and relies mostly on a more showman approach. Nadi Vidya or Pulse Diagnosis is just a tiny fraction of subjective diagnostic tools, but here there is a huge hype about the pulse. When I had my pulse read with Pankaj half was right and half was not so what is the point in a diagnostic tool that is only 50% accurate. Of course many diseases are very common these days so someone could easily get 50% just by speculating. It seems there is too much hype here and too little substance. When questioning Pankaj about basics on Ayurveda that even a 1st year student would know he quickly changed the subject so something seems highly misleading here. The hype seems to help though as people get pulled in and seem to get good results at least initially while they are mesmerized with the charm but Ayurveda is a very scientific system that does not need moods to heal it needs a doctor (Vaidya) to be properly schooled in the very fundamentals of the science, to live those fundamentals them self and to apply them in their treatment. Many patients I have spoke with have had a mixed effect there and it seems this place really runs on it's hype. They are doing a lot correct, the restaurant has better food than 99% of the Ayurvedic centers in India, the building has a good feeling for an urban setting, the doctors working there seem sincere, though over the years they seem to have a huge staff turnover in general which is highly strange with many stories of disgruntled former staff members. So all in all it's not all it is made out to be, there is a lot of reliance on creating a mood and hype focusing on the pulse diagnosis which is really used as a gimmick here to get you hooked.
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I have been a patient of Ayushakti for six years and put (na ..
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