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Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
Herbal chai tea (cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, clove, black pepper and saffron) is amazing in winter to prevent coughs and colds.

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Review by : Manjusri
I have been a patient of Ayushakti for six years and put (naively, I realise now) complete faith in the doctors abilities and treatment. My first PK at Ayushakti was transforming; all my health conditions where 'solved' and I was thrilled. My new found health and happiness meant that I followed the diet and lifestyle instructions as recommended by Ayushakti without fault - of course, I wanted to preserve my sense of well being. Six months after this first PK however, I developed a yellow-toned skin particularly on my hands, face and feet. Various alternative doctors put it down to carotene overdose (I did love papaya) but, even when I cut papaya out, my colour did not improve. I returned to Ayushakti (and saw various Ayurvedic doctors in between) and all put the yellowness, insatiable appetite and excess mucous down to Pitta. I continued to follow the prescriptions and regimes. As time went by, my symptoms worsened. I developed melasma on the skin, amenorrhoea, very low energy and depression. I had also over the years broken several bones and been diagnosed with low bone density (at the age of 29) and was treating this with Ayushakti too. I do think that the bone density issue existed previous to my first PK, but certainly with correct advice at this early stage, I am sure its long standing effect could have been greatly curbed. In May 2009 I was knocked off my bike and broke 3 bones; the shock of the accident, plus already extremely low energy reserves, sent my body into total decline. I went to another Ayurvedic clinic in South India, who made my condition severely worse. After being fed litres of ghee and having an insufficient virechan to remove the ghee, I returned home bright yellow, lost 10 kgs (I had only weighed 54 kgs when I arrived) and had difficulty breathing. I resigned from my work, packed up my life in London for a pause, and went to Ayushakti for 5 weeks to sort myself out. My PK there was extremely helpful - they helped me out of the dire depression, my yellowness did improve, my skin improved dramatically - I was very pleased I had gone (and still am pleased). On returning home however, I still felt extremely tired, I was still having breathing problems, my period had not returned, and I was still going yellow. Not willing to give up on natural healing, I went to see a phytochemist called Dr Claudia Louch in London. After full blood tests we found that I had been suffering from a severe deficiency in iron and specifically B12 (for those in the know, my Intrinsic Factor levels are healthy) resulting purely from malnourishment. B12 deficiency can show (amongst other symptoms) as jaundice, amenorrhoea, breathing difficulties, nervous disorder (which I was experiencing as numbness in the hands and feet), melasma on the skin, hair falling, high acidity (Pitta), AND low-bone density (megaloblastic anaemia); all of which had been expressed to Ayushakti over the years. I am not saying that my dire health condition was all the fault of Ayushakti, we make our own diet and lifestyle choices at the end of the day. However, as professional doctors treating and advising people with serious conditions on diet and lifestyle, as doctors who allow patients to place complete trust in them, their skills are extremely questionable. A week after starting B12 injections, and slowly altering my diet to include organic eggs, fish and meat, my period returned (I had not had a normal period in more than a year) and the yellowness literally vanished. Five months later and my cycle is completely normal again, my hair is no longer falling out, my memory is improved, I have energy, I'm not depressed, I'm no longer mucousy, I'm not constipated, and my skin is very slowly improving. Full healing will take time - it is wonderful to see my world waking up again. Would I return to Ayushakti? I've not yet decided. It's a very relaxing place to be, I always feel incredible when I leave, the food is good, the guests are often very nice and, after four visits (over six years), I have very good memories there. I may go for a 3 week rest, detox and relaxation... but I would certainly not trust their opinion regarding any conditions again. My experience has however made me question - do we really know the long term effects of PK? Sure, in the short term I always feel wonderful post Ayushakti-PK (I certainly can't say the same for the South India place), it seems though that the long term results have been far from desirable.
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I have been to Ayushkati for a four week Panchakarma treatme ..
4 of 5 Stars!
Thank-you Very much for promoting my Ayurvedic endeavors on your website....

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