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Ayuryoga Institute, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
Ayuryoga Institute, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
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The Ayurveda Centre of Hawaii, Kauai, Hawaii, USA
by Dr. Gomathi Date Added: Wednesday 14 December, 2011
To whom it may concern,

How many people ever ask themselves, what is the aim of my life? What is that which is the force which makes me do all these activities? Is my body me? Then what happen at the time of death? What is death? What dies?

This query which arises in the mind is the beginning of self analysis.
There is an inert energy in all beings that is the very cause of life and this energy remains dormant since birth till death. The name of this energy which the Chinese call “chi” is the soul power (Atma Sakthi or Kundalini Sakthi). This energy lies in the base of spine (Cauda Equina) Muladhara.

Why is this energy very great? This energy is indeed very powerful and can be utilized if it’s awakened. How does one awaken this energy?
Who can do this? What are its advantages?
Well the awakening can be done in 3 instances.

One, when an individual goes into devotional services, such that intense of devotion (prema bakthi) is so high that the grace of God can evoke the awakening but this is only possible in individual who are pure hearted. The time taken for this could be a lifetime to several births. The aim of this devotion is simply to love the Lord with no expectations.

The second way is by going to a hermitage (gurukulam) following the instruction of a guide who is qualified and has attained the awakening. The time taken for this method is 12-14 years. This discipline requires austerities such as celibacy (bramacharyam), truthfulness (satyam), non violence, concentration, meditation, purity, contentment, and complete surrender to God, and if at anytime the individuals mind strays he drops very fast to the null state. He then has to start again from the beginning that too if the presiding Guru gives another chance.

The third method is by awakening the energy through the Grace of a Sad Guru (a Master who had attained the highest state of Samadhi but is still in the body to liberate people.) Here the Guru utilizes His own Soul Energy to awaken the disciples Kundalini .

In this age (Kali yuga) the awakening is done along with sustaining the vital force (prana) by a Sitthar in Malaysia.

The Kundalini awakening may be done by several but the art of sustaining the prana is not easy. In the Prana Yoga several chant and hymns are thought but by just doing the oblation and chanting it’s not able sustain the breath. There are breathing exercises called pranayama which can regulate respiration.
The art of Prana Siddhi is a God given ability. It cannot be learned. Obtaining this ability to sustain the vital force is so difficult.
Here comes the much waited answer. This Sitthar has the ability to control the universal prana and also can sustain the individual prana in the disciple. So far none can do this yet.

What are the advantages of using this newly awakened Kundalini sakthi after sustaining the Prana sakthi?

So far until todate Kundalini Shakti is used to realize the self, what we call back to godhead or self discovery. The Hindus call it liberation or self realization.

But, after 27 long and tedious researches a Sitthar by sheer grace imparted the secret of utilizing the Yogic Power for worldly purposes as well as liberation. What are the worldly activities and characteristics which are fundamental as basic needs of man? Well lets be honest money is no more a necessity but an important factor which promises comfort to luxury as per the wants of man. The old saying health is wealth still holds good. If there is no good health what’s the point having loads of money? But if there is very good health and lots of wealth then the third requisite is protection. Protect man from harm in objective as well as subjective negative forces. By this I mean injuries due to accidents as well as evil forces like spirits or voodoo and charm. Yes, now days not many people have believe in these but its undeniable when there is the good positive force then there is also the existence of the negative ones.

What I am trying to say is that this very gloriously powerful energy which lies dormant from the moment we are born until today can be roused and stayed in our body at a particular energy level (chakra).

Yogic Power (Yoga Sakthi) which is defined as containment of Prana ay a chakra which evokes the awakening of Kundalini Sakthi .
This energy then is used to heal ailments and for boosting general well being of man, to upgrade the monetary success in man. Financial success is the stability in man. The Sitthar says the success of a man is determined by his wealth and health and only then can he be in peace. One can’t strive to know the self if these basic needs are not available because the struggle for spirituality is by mean more strenuous than the one for daily survival. The Yogic Power can also used for protecting oneself by applying a shield (kavasam). This shield is not seen to the naked eye. Sages in the past have got protection from wild beast as well as from passer bys because they shun people to sit in solitude to do intense meditation (Tapas or |Tavam).

The aim of living a good life without having to struggle for basic needs and instead living in luxury makes one contented. Man never is contented. There is always something that is wanted more than another. At least the man gets what he wants most and it satisfies his desires. As long as there is desire there cannot be liberation, and hence the path to liberation was through renunciation. This is not to be anymore. Man can and in fact must ask for more and more of all that he wants. The “ever wishing well” the Yogic Power gives and goes on giving as long as it’s requested. As the saying goes “Ask and you shall be given. “ The norm of renunciation is broken. Instead the art of living a life to the fullest in accordance to the law and moral (Dharma) and yetattain self liberation is The Way of Life. For this a very simplified method of meditation is thought so that it may be incorporated into any life style.

What’s meditation (Dhyanam)? Meditation is the method of focusing the mind to a non object until it becomes still so that the mind can be transcended to realize that which infinite and beyond the mind and intellect. That is the Self. The silent witness to all the actions done by the body under the command of the mind- intellect complex (Mano- Buddhi). Before one starts the act of meditation the mind which is an important tool in the initial process of meditation has to be cleaned. As per ancient yoga scriptures (Yoga Sutra) the subtle body (Sukshuma sariram) consists of 5 layers (Pancha Kosha) with the Soul (Jivatma) in the centre. The impression in the mind layer has to be polished and cleaned so that it may reflect the glow of the Soul. When the transcendental meditation is done then one finds inner peace and tranquility and equanimity that a Yogi possesses. This is achieved while living in the world without renunciation.

This I want to share to all around me and to you too. If you are interested then please contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

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To whom it may concern, How many people ever ask themselv ..
5 of 5 Stars!
hello! this is a great website you have created! it is so needed! thank you very much for you eff...

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