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Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia
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Uranus Health Home & Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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It is located at Mulund (East), Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra.


Uranus Health Home and Research Centre is providing the original ancient therapies of India. Ayurved, Yoga, Astrology are the three pillars of this institution. The aim of this institution is complete healing with the help of ancient methods and as well as propagate all the ancient therapies of India to all over the world. Uranus Health Home runs a Panchakarma Centre, Obesity clinic and Arthritis clinic since last 8 yrs.



The treatments offered by this centre are; Obesity, Arthritis, Panchakarma, Ayurved Teaching, Basti karma, Virchana karma, Vamana karma, Nasya karma, Rakta moksha karma, Netra tarpana, Shirodharra, Localized bastis, Abhyanga and Swedana.

The centre offers consultation - includes complete physical check up, Nadi Pariksha, complete fat analysis, BMI and Hip, waist ratio calculations, diet consultation, Yoga and Meditation.


Dr Sameer is guiding people about different kind of diseases, concept of Panchamahabhuta in diseases as well as in treatment, Home remedies, Ayurved, Panchakarma, Diet, Daily regimen etc through “Saam Marathi”. Till today Dr Mahajan had given 30 interviews on this television channel.

Dr. Sameer currently is also the Medical Director and Chief Physician of the "Uranus Health Home and Research Institute" in Mumbai. This Center provides medical facility in traditional Indian medicine namely Ayurved, Panchakarma and Yoga. The center is also running a "Weight Management Clinic" which provides optimum solutions to the problem of obesity, which is increasing in epidemic proportions today. With the combine efforts of his yoga trainers, Panchakarma therapist numbers of patients are benefited. Dr Sameer has successfully formulated his own medicines for various disorders.


Dr Sameer has been practicing as an Ayurvedic Consultant for over 12 years. The gigantic knowledge, experience and dense belief in ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma have helped him treat various chronic ailments. According to Dr Sameer, Panchakarma therapy is exceptionally beneficial in autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis. He has a database of many patients successfully treated by him with Panchakarma therapy.

Dr Sameer holds a special interest in Astrology and distinctively started his education of Astrology and Spiritual Science on the same day he started his ayurvedic graduation. This helped him correlate the various ayurvedic concepts with the astrological and spiritual thoughts. Dr Sameer believes that Ayurveda, Astrology and Spiritual Science - all have the same origin. With "Astroayurved" he also shares medical astrology with interested people. Dr Sameer has been practicing astrology since last 16 yrs.

Dr Komal S Mahajan is a B.A.M.S graduate from Mumbai University and practicing since last seven years. She has a special interest in Panchakarma Therapy and treated number of patients by panchakarma therapy. She is a yoga teacher and running a weight management clinic. She believes that by doing simple exercises, yogasana and pranayama one can maintain and even reduce the weight.


Dr. Sheetal Mangle is working as a consultant at Uranus Health Home & Research Centre. She is also pursuing her M.D. in Ayurvedic Pharmacology.


Mrs. Hemangi Chaudhary is working as a Yoga Therapist at Uranus Health Home & Research Centre. She is practising and preaching Yoga since last 22 years.

Mr. Harshad Nere is working as a Yoga therapist and physical trainer at Uranus Health Home & Research Centre.



The centre provides food from its own garden.


There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.



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Contact Details
Uranus Health Home & Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Address: 205, Ganesh Bhuvan, Mahatma Phule Road, Mulund (East), Mumbai – 400081, Maharashtra.
Phone: +91-22-65056903, +91-22-25633234
Mobile: +91 9223414251
Reviews of Uranus Health Home & Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra:
Review by Shubhangi Saturday 10 September, 2011
I was so happy to know of a Panchkarma centre in mulund and the services they offer. When I called up to speak to Dr Sameer initially he was very nice but when I said that I am not comfortable with enema and might not go for it, he became rude and told me that if I think I know better then I can only plan my weight loss schedule and said not everything can be discussed on phone and banged the phone.

I am happy I didnt enroll here, this doctor is just rude, he didnt even understand my concerns. Instead on making me understand he got his ego in between.

I'll advice no one to go there

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Uranus Health Home & Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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I was so happy to know of a Panchkarma centre in mulund and ..
1 of 5 Stars!
Sir, I am very grateful to your website. With out this website Ayurveda would not have become so pop...

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