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Why Garlic is not good for your for Spiritual health by Dr. Vaidya Mishra


Garlic has a lot of medicinal values mentioned in Ayurvedic text and modern scientific studies. In ayurveda we have:


  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Sensory Health
  • Spiritual Health


Garlic is great for almost all other health aspects aforementioned, but it is not good for Spiritual health - According to my father because:


  1. As brahmins we follow Vaishnava Dharma - all the vaishanavas are not recommended to have garlic. Lord Vishnu, supreme god of vedic traditions do not like garlic. It disruots the connection with Vishnu.
  2. As Shakdweepi Brahmins - we originated from "Agni", we worship sun, garlic is Hot, pungent and tamasic. All the tamasic food shuts down the light of the soul and it does not reach the mind. Mind loses the guidance of god within us, then senses (indriya) take overand connect to the physical and material world.
  3. It all depends what is the ultimate goal to achieve - Spiritual or Material. Ayurveda is for everyone.


I think that is why in all Vedic temples in India onion and garlic is not allowed on premises. I remember in my childhood I had been banished of my Prayer (Puja) room, because I had consumed onion and garlic. It is highly pitta aggravating after "shudhi" (purification) it becomes less pitta aggravating, but it does not change the Vibrational property of Garlic - Tamasic. Because only in Ayurvedic pharmacology we study the physical and vibrational quality of an entity. Vibrational quality of which is alomost impossible to change.




Classical Reference on Garlic:


Yada Rase Aswadane

Unyate Tyajyate Dharmikeh

Paphetutwat iti rasonah


"Garlic is prohibited during spiritual rituals because eating garlic  is Paap (Anti-spiritual)


            Ref. - Nighantu Adarsh


But as a medicine a Vaidya can recommend anything to save a physical body because soul needs a shelter to live in. At the same time Physicians have the responsibility to know what the patient's ultimate goal in life. If it is spiritual then try to avoid garlic and find a proper substitute if possible.





Published with the Kind permission of Dr. Vaidya Mishra


Dr. Vaidya Mishra is an Ayurvedic general health practitioner as well as dermatologist, product formulator, researcher and educator, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra was born into a family of Raj Vaidyas that boast of a 5000-year-old History of healing - the familial lineage is mentioned in the ancient Vedic text, the Puranas.


Please visit his website at


Copyright © 2006, Dr. Vaidya Mishra. All rights reserved by the author.




This article was published on Tuesday 19 September, 2006.
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