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Ayurveda Courses in India (Shri Kaya Kalp), New Delhi, India
Ayurveda Courses in India (Shri Kaya Kalp), New Delhi, India
Papaya taken after a meal is an excellent boost for digestion and immunity!

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AATMA - The Ayurvedic Centre, Thrissur, Kerala, India
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About the Centre:

AATMA stands for Approach of Ashtavaidyan Thaikkattu Mooss to Ayurveda. This centre for Ayurvedic healing was set up with a view to providing Ayurvedic treatment in the true Ashtavidya tradition, one that is fast gaining international recognition and reputation. Thus, preservation of health in the healthy and restoration of health to the diseased are our main objectives. It is solely health-focused, not a spa or a hotel. Hence, treatments are prescribed by the doctor(s), not ordered à-la-carte by patients. The same holds true for medicines and dietary prescriptions. Patients are closely monitored on a daily basis and treatment plans are sometimes changed to even more closely follow the patient’s unique response to treatment.


The Centre has been built keeping in mind the privacy of patients. It has individual cottages as well as single and double rooms, and patients can choose any of these depending on their needs. The centre is built in a coconut grove and the peaceful surroundings also contribute to the outcome of the treatment. We have also developed an organic herbal and vegetable garden, thereby reducing the use of chemicals and non-organic products. Since the primary object of the treatment is to heal, food provided to the patients are those that aid in this process as well.

We have a group of well-experienced technicians and caretakers who are equipped to cater to the needs of the patients. Healing and prevention of diseases are our objectives. Everyone at AATMA works together with one goal in mind- the healing of those who require it and making the process as comfortable as possible.



Dr. Ashtavaidyan E.T. Divakaran Mooss

He was born in 1943 as the son of Late E.T. Ravi Mooss. He studied Ayurveda from his uncle Vayaskara N.S.Mooss. He is the Chief physician and the Managing Partner of Vaidyaraj Oushadhasala, Anandapuram. Also, a Chief Physician of Vedic Approach to Health of Maharishi Vedic University, The Netherlands.


Dr. Ashtavaidyan E.T. Ravi Mooss

He was born in 1974 as the son of E.T.Divakaran Mooss. He took his degree in Ayurveda from The Tamilnadu, Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai. Currently, he is practising under his father.

Dr. Arya R Mooss

Panchakarma Treatments:


  • Vasti or enema - is prescribed for vata related ailments, though it is effective for other ailments as well. There are two types of vasti Asthapana vasti and Anuvasana vasti. In asthapana vasti Kashaya or decoction is the main component. While in anuvasana vasti oil or other unctuous substances are used.
  • Virecana or Purgation - is an equally important sodhana treatment. This is done mostly to cure pitta related diseases and is effective for kapha related ailments and will not be very effective vata related ailments. This is effective in the treatment of Jaundice, Dropsy, Skin diseases, Gulmam, etc.
  • Vamanam - Emission therapy. This treatment is effective for kapha related ailments though not for other humours.Yet it is used in ailments related to Kapha. Vamanam is effective for skin diseases, adhoga raktapittam and poisoning.
  • Nasyam - is a useful mode for ailments upward of the neck medicated oil, Ghees are generally used though some time coornams (powders), extracts of herbs too are used.There are also two types of nasyam in terms of the measurement and time of application. They are Marsa nasyam and Pratimarsa nasyam. Marsa nasyam has several specifications and quantity is more. While Pratimarsa nasyam can be used on any one in small measures. The effect of Marsa nasyam can be achieved a great extent from Pratimarsa nasyam.
  • Rakta moksham or Blood letting - Blood letting is intended to getrid of bad blood. This is used more for pitta related ailments. Sometimes it is applied in the case of skin diseases as also vatarakta. Among the panchakarma methods this is the least frequently practised, though it is quite effective.

* Panchakarma procedures starting from 15 days to 43 days treatment.

Price Details: Rs. 4500-5000 per day, all inclusive. (Price updated July 2017)

Source of Information: Vaidya Ravi Mooss



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Contact Details
AATMA - The Ayurvedic Centre, Thrissur, Kerala, India
Address: Post Office Road (Near Sree Krishna High School), Anandapuram P.O., Nellai Via, Thrissur, Kerala, India 680305
Phone: 04802884349, 04802880512
Mobile: 9446571397
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