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Ayurveda Courses in India (Shri Kaya Kalp), New Delhi, India
Ayurveda Courses in India (Shri Kaya Kalp), New Delhi, India
Charaka says of all the treatments in Ayurveda Basti comprises the main component. By cleansing the colon and then applying herbal medicines there that nourish and heal the colon and improve its absorptive power we nourish the entire body. Charaka gives the analogy of nourishing a tree by its roots to get good flower, leaves and fruit.

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Arogyadham, Thane Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Nearest Railway Station: Thane/Borivali

Nearest Airport: Mumbai

About the Centre:

‘Arogyadham’ a brain child of Dr. Uday & Dr. Madhura Kulkarni. The Unique & first Residential Ayurveda Panchkarma Centre in Thane region. Since 1993 Dr. Kulkarni’s are in this field offering treatments to varied classes & various disorders. From Pediatrics to Geriatrics, Ayurveda has answer to most difficult problems & we have tried to accept the challenges of modern era and give best to each & every case though Ayurveda. Offering Ayurveda at its best & residential treatments with under one roof concept we welcome you to family of ‘Arogyadham’.


Dr. Madhura Kulkarni
M.D (Gynac-Ayurved)
Gold Medalist (Mumbai University)
Dip. In Yog & Philosophy – Mumbai (university topper)
Vaidya Khadiwade Best Female Doctor Award
(for the year 2008)

Dr. Uday Kulkarni
M.D. (Med Ayurved)
Gold Medalist,
D.B.M (Mumbai)
Dip. in Yog Education

Number of Doctors in Hospital: 5


  • Snehapanam (Duration: 5 days) - It is a kind of oral medication. Medicated ghee is used for it. It is done early morning on an empty stomach. It is mainly used to nourish the body elements and to activate the body organs. It is used as a first therapy before doing other treatments. It gives more physical power to the sexually and old age weak. It is also used in paralysis, asthma, Skin diseases and other diseases like wasting of the body etc.
  • Vaman (Duration: 1hr to 2hrs) - Therapeutic vomiting or emesis therapy It is very useful to eliminate the diseases caused by excessive Kapha. It is used for psychiatric problems, respiratory congestion, bronchitis, chronic cold, sinus congestion, asthma.
  • Virechana (Duration: 3hrs to 4hrs) - Therapeutic purgation Therapy Ayurveda suggest therapeutic purgation for diseases caused by the excess pitta. It is very effective in conditions like acute and chronic skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne-pimples, allergic rash, skin inflammation, acid peptic disorders, jaundice, enlargement of the spleen, arthritis, obesity, infertility etc.


  • Pinda swedana (Duration: 30 mins.) - Elimination of toxins through the nose Pinda swedana is a process by which the whole body (or any specific part) is made to perspire. This is done by external application of medicinal boluses, which are tied in a cloth bag (potali). Indication: Paralysis (pakshaghat), Poliomyelitis (bala pakshaghat), Pain (shul) and Osteo arthritis (sandhi vata).


  • Nasyam (Duration: 20 mins.) - Elimination of toxins through the nose The nose is the doorway to the brain. The nasal administration of medication is called Nasya. It is useful in anxiety, depression, headaches, migraine, stiffness in head, neck, shoulders, lock jaw, dental pain, ear pain, eye pain, sinusitis, facial paralysis, epilepsy, sleeplessness, loss of speech, stammering, loss of hair & gray hair. It promotes intelligence, memory and nutritional for brain.
  • Basti (Duration: 30 mins.) - Medicated enema therapy It is administration of medicinal decoction, especially herbal oils, medicated milk into colon through rectum.Herbal extracts or oil is applied through the rectum. This treatment is effective for hemiplegia, paraplegia, motor neuron disorders, inter vertebral discs prolapsed, Parkinson’s diseases, constipation, sexual disorders, kidney stones, cardiac problems, backache, sciatica and other pains in the joints. Anuvasana Basti - enemas with medicated oils, tonics, herbal milks.


  • Shirodhara (Duration: 45 mins) - Oil shirodhara 300 x 3=900 1.5 lit. Medicated Herbal oil is pouring on the fore head by special method. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind. This therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, slows the aging process, improves memory and is known to have a beneficial effect for paralysis and other neurological malfunctions.


  • Hrudya Basti-Heart support (Duration:  20 mins.) - This treatment focuses on the region of the heart (hrdaya). This area is bathed in a ‘dam’ of lukewarm medicated oil. Unresolved emotions and psychic tensions are then allowed to be calmly released, restoring strength and nourishment to the heart area. Effective in treating hypertension, problems of ribs, tuberculosis, emotional stress, etc.


  • Rakthamokshan(JALOUKA) (Duration: 45 mins.) - Rakthamokshana is a method to eliminate the vitiated blood. It is done using leeches. Hence, it is also called as leech therapy. Indicated in all types of skin disorders, pimples, itching, inflammation, alopecia, discoloration, abscess, gout, etc.


  • Netra dhara(both eyes) (Duration: 30 mins) - Application of Herbal extract with yashtimadhu, madhu or gulabjala inside the eyes helps to remove foreign matter from the eyes.


  • Viddha (Duration: 25 mins)
  • Agni karma’ or ‘Dahan karma’ (Duration: 10 mins) - ‘Dahan karma’, is a process used in Ayurveda for various benign diseases that are characterised by pain or bleeding. In this process, the heated rods of gold, silver, iron, copper and pancha dhatu (five metals) are applied directly on the skin at the affected site. The temperature varies according to the process used and is lowest for gold and highest for silver. The ‘agni karma’ is not recommended for arbuda (tumour/malignancy). Here the authors present two cases of soft tissue sarcoma of lower extremity where ‘agni karma’ was tried in vain by traditional healers at their local village. Both the patients presented with progressive disease that was treated with wide excision and limb conservation, and the whole of the overlying skin scarred by previous healed burns of various degrees had to be sacrificed making a simple surgery difficult.
  • Kshara Karma (Duration: 10 mins.) - ‘There are many diseases which are not curable with modern medicine or drugs are not so much effective to treat the disease such as skin diseases, some allergic condition, Bhagandra (Fistula in ano) Nadi Vrina ( Sinuses) Arbuda ( Cancer) Arsha (Piles), Dusta Vrina (chornic or non healing ulcers), CharmaKil (wart), Tilkalaka (Melanomas), External abscess, Disease of Mouth, Ranula
  • Foot massage (Duration: 20 mins.) - Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others. The ultimate study of foot massage is reflexology. Foot massage is best administered by a qualified and experienced massage therapist. It harmonizes the energies of body and mind. Pressure applied to the feet releases powerful healing forces that ease pain and stress.


  • Jacuzzi (Duration: 20 mins.)


  • Tub Bath Avgahsweda Sitz bath (Duration: 20 mins.) - It is done with the specially prepared decoction with some specific herbs, milk, and aromatic water. It is useful in prostate problems, hernia, painful or obstructed urination, hemorrhoids & sarvang vata
  • Full Body Takradhara (Duration: 30 mins.)

Accomodation facilities: 15 Beds with 2 Special Rooms, 2 Semi Special Ladies & Gents wards and General ward.

Price Details: 4500/day

Source of Food: Organic

Is food Organic?: Yes

Is white sugar served?: No

Are nightshades served?: Yes

Is chilli served?: No

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: No

Noise in the vicinity?: No

Are there cell phone towers?: No

Any other noise/pollution?: No

Is vaastu applied?: Yes

Source of Information: Vaidya Madhura Kulkarni



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A Textbook of Ayurveda Principles of Pathlogy

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

Amavata Vijnana : Rheumatology in Ayurveda


Myrolax Lite Tablets (60 tablets)

Thaleesapathradi Vatakam (250 Grams)

Jatiphaladya Chooranam (50 grams)

Contact Details
Arogyadham, Thane Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Address: Sahayog Complex, Tikuji – ni – Wadi Road, Thane Mumbai, 400607, India
Phone: +912225841562
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