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Shanthi Ayurveda Ashram, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Shanthi Ayurveda Ashram, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Avoid yoghurt, cheese or other heavy foods after sunset as they are best taken in the daytime for optimal digestion!

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Greens Ayur Centre, Kozhikode, Kerala
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Greens Ayur Center is located at Azhiyur, Calicut District, Kerala. It is situated in a beautiful beach with cool, refreshing breezes from the Arabian Sea Swaying coconut trees, country yards, the images of fishing boats and the golden sunset on the western horizon are a treat to behold.

Nearest Airprot: Kozhicode-Calicut - CCJ


Greens Ayurvedics is an internationally renowned center for excellence in Ayurvedic panchakarma & Kerala special rejuvenation treatments / Training program. We at Greens are dedicated in spreading the authentic knowledge of Ayurveda to the world. And this centre is a specialized in Kerala school of Ayurvedic treatments, serves as learning, healing and training centre by integrating the time tested principles of Ayurvedic medicine with Yoga and Meditation programs.

Greens centre - Departments: Ayur hospital: Pancha karma hospital –OPD and IP, Study center- Gurukulam – foreign students training program, Beach hut- for stay and training, Beauty program- treatment and course, Yoga - treatment and course, Pharmacy - medicine manufacturing and exporting, Cookery course- Ayurvedic and malabari recipes, Consultancy - instruments; manufacturing and exporting, Manpower supplements: for skilled technical staffs - doctors and therapists, Kalari payatt- kerala martial art training and Fully furnished out house with kitchen and back yard.


The Ayurvedic philosophy of achieving “prefect health” has been an inspiration in developing a unique and well-devised system at Greens hospital. We are offering holistic treatments based on bodily constitution, mental makeup, diet pattern, and work schedule.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle- And to achieve perfect health, purifying process (Panchakarma), Rejuvenation Treatments, Ayurvedic Herbs, Lifestyle modification and Yoga; all are used to treat the roots of diseases.



Dr. Asghar studied Ayurveda at Kottakkal Ayurveda Medical College and received his Post Graduate degree in Yoga therapy from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He has worked as an International Ayurvedic Consultant for over 10 years. His multi-faceted job includes providing service to international institutes by arranging technical staffs, producing and exporting Panchakarma instruments and Ayurvedic medicines, and running Greens Ayur Center. Dr. Asghar considers his calling to be a spiritual one, a mere instrument of the almighty and his blessings, and it is believed by the locals that his tender touch holds healing qualities.

At Greens, the guidance of experienced doctors and the healing touch of skilled. Panchakarma therapists are work together to cure and prevent disease as well as rejuvenate the body with a holistic approach and a scientific outlook from this time-tested system of medicine.

Therapists and staff: We offer around the clock service with a staff of 30 + – including panchakarma therapist- male and females (adequately staffed). Our panchakarma therapists are masters in all panchakarma procedure – each ranging from 3 to 14 years experience in conducting, and managing all panchakarma and Kerala special rejuvenate therapies.   Plus they are incredibly knowledgeable in preparation of Ayurvedic classical medicine manufacturing.


The centre has various modes of accommodations offered: choose from either a furnished ceiling fanned bedroom with private bath attached, Air-conditioned room, separate out houses, or exclusive beach side huts.


We offer 3 meals provided daily, fresh fruit and vegetables, tea/coffee and bottled mineral water.


This center offers study programs are; GKPRM- Panchakarma - Massage training, Panchakarma, Rejuvenation therapy, Medicine manufacturing, GCP-Cookery - Ayurvedic Cookery, Malabari dishes- ayurvedic aspect, preparation and training, GMS-Massage, Shirodhara - Kerala Special Ayurvedic Massage & Shirodhara, GYP-Yoga - Hatha yoga, Yoga therapy, yoga psychology, pranayama, etc., GIP-Internship - Clinical study- disease based with all treatments- In-house practice, GRP-Research - Research in-Ayurveda, Yoga related subject, GPP-Pharmacy - Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing, herbal study Subject, GBP-Beauty - Ayurvedic and general beauty therapies, GDP-Doctor’s - Panchakarma, Kerala treatments, Medicine preparation for ayur doctors.

Our syllabus is designed for both beginners and those wishing to continue their studies and/or research at a more advanced level. Our core curriculum includes Indian Philosophy, fundamentals and basics of Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Rejuvenation Therapies, Relaxing Massage, local treatments, medicine manufacturing, ayurvedic cookery program, Life style management and yoga.

Each program specializes in both practical applications and hands-on experience with specimens and patients. We are excited to offer such a rare and significant opportunity for our students.

Kerala Rejuvenation treatments and Panchakarma treatment: The opportunity to fully experience each procedure after each theory and lecture. This unique hands-on training enables each individual to master their skill, learn creative techniques and full comprehension of the material.


The other facilities are; Sightseeing trips: back water house boat/ hill station trip -  (subject to additional fees inquire within), Daily room cleaning, Hot water facility for bathroom, Daily laundry service, Television: cable connection, Henna drawing- on request, Chess and caroms, volley – games, Free internet service at Greens center: Wi-Fi., Beach side treatment/ relaxing hut: nearby sea shore.

Currency / Travelers' checks- exchange: door step service, 24 hour ATM counter: within walking distance, Overseas Phone call: from Greens with the use of phone card (available 24 hours), Library – with a collection of related subjects and more, English magazine, news paper, Shopping: all hand-crafted, real handloom dresses & Ayurveda related terms, Our hospital is within walking distance to the beautiful and safe Arabian sea beach and Payment Options: Half payment expected for reservation and remaining balance amount paid upon arrival.


If you feel any information lacking or needing correction on this page, please help us to update it.

Contact Details
Greens Ayur Centre, Kozhikode, Kerala
Address: Azhiyur, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673309.
Phone: + 91- 496 2504334
Mobile: +91- 9847481252
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