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Ayurveda Courses in India (Shri Kaya Kalp), New Delhi, India
Ayurveda Courses in India (Shri Kaya Kalp), New Delhi, India
For a simple and effective detox drink 4-6 cups of hot water (filtered or mineral) when thirsty throughout the day!

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Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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Located on a 6 acre site, in idyllic and serene surroundings so typical of verdant Kerala.

About the Centre:

Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram is a truly unique place. It is the only place that you will find a martial art, healing system, and spiritual tradition that are part of one cohesive system.

In fact, these three aspects; Martial, Medical, and Spiritual, all overlap and support each other. Some people may visit for healing, while other may visit for martial arts training, and others may be seeking a sanctuary in which they can experience peace. Some visitors may even experience all three.


The thing that really makes us different is the emphasis on tradition. The things that are experienced here cannot be learned from books, or seen in photos and video. For example, the medicine we use in the treatments is hand-made inside the Ashram according to recipes which are thousands of years old. These are contained in ancient palm leaf documents, passed down to Guruji from his teachers. The treatment tables are made from a special type of medicinal wood, the oldest table is more than 600 years old. We see that it is our duty to preserve the traditions of the past for the benefit of future generations.


Abhyanga - is a full body oil Massage designed to stimulate the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems. Inflammatory blocks on Marma points are located and corrected thus restoring the natural equilibrium of the body. Abhyanga also has a healing, cleansing and revitalizing effect on the body which improves flexibility and realigns both the joints and the spine.


Anga Dhara - also known as an oil bath is a rejuvenating experience. Litres of warm oil are poured over the body while a gentle massage is performed. The body becomes fully relaxed and all tension and stiffness is simply washed away. The effect of the warm oil is the opening of the pores of the ski and the relaxation of the muscular tissues. This facilitates the body’s releasing of accumulated toxins which are simultaneously removed by the flow of oil.


Shiro Dhara - also known as a head bath, is a gentle and powerful treatment. Warm oil is poured from a hanging pot onto the forehead and scalp which are massaged gently. Many toxins are released from the scalp and are carried away by the flow of the oil. This treatment is so relaxing it can often send people into a deep sleep. They awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Kizhi - is a bundle of medicinal herbs which is heated in oil and applied to the body. It is often combined with Anga Dhara body massage for maximum effect. The hot oil activates the medicine within the Kizhi, and the heat stimulates and relaxes the body. Kizhi’s are used to remove inflammatory blocks, and improve circulation and flexibility in joints and muscles.


Cheriya Avi - is a localised steam treatment used in combination with Abhyanga body massage. The action of the steam on the skin helps to relieve stiffness thus reducing pain and swelling. Medicinal herbs are added to the water in order to maximise the benefit to the patient.


Valiya Avi - is a full body steam treatment that is performed in a closed room. A great variety of medicinal herbs are added to a large clay pot of water, which is then boiled over a natural wood fire. The steam is carried through pipes into the room in which the patient sits. The effect of the steam causes the body to sweat profusely, thus removing large amounts of toxins. In addition, the medicine in the steam is inhaled by the patient. This is a powerful detoxifying treatment.


Poochu Chikilsa - is a powerful detoxifying treatment. The body of a patient is covered in a medicinal paste that is both stimulating and invigorating. They are then wrapped in banana leaves and placed in the sun. The combination of the medicinal paste, the banana leaves and the warmth of the sun causes the pores of the skin to open. This allows the body to release toxins through the skin and also to absorb the medicine. This is an extremely purifying healing treatment.


Virechanam - is best performed at a specific stage during a treatment package in order to remove toxins which have been released by the stimulation of the deep tissue of the body. This medicine is a specific combination of Ayurvedic medicines designed to purge the digestive system. The effect of this medicine is to clear from the body all accumulated toxins in the form of Mala (the residue of undigested food). This treatment is a very effective detoxifying and healing process for the body. This is especially true for people who have water retention problems in the body.

Chavutti Thirummal - is a full body oil massage performed using the feet. The practitioner supports himself by a rope suspended from the ceiling. This type of treatment allows for long powerful movements that cover the whole body. This is a speciality of Kalari Chikilsa.

Family Cottage

kalariyil_dharmikam_ashram_facilities_family cottage.jpg

Recently we have completed the construction of a private cottage complex. Facilities include; air conditioned master bedroom, bathroom with bath tub and shower, second bedroom with attached bathroom, large fully equipped drawing room, dining room, treatment room, prayer room, and private garden. The cottage itself is set in a 1 acre organic banana and vegetable field. The complex is self-contained, treatments will be received in a treatment room in the cottage. There will be an attendant available who will cook and clean the cottage.


All modern facilities are provided. Spacious ensuite rooms allow guests to relax between treatments. Traditional vegetarian food is served in a beautiful dining hall.



Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram is a place where the traditions and customs of Kerala are preserved and honoured. We have a beautiful temple to Lord Hanuman and all are welcome. Daily there is Puja and sacred chanting. A number of monthly events are observed including Homas to Lord Ganesh. Guests are most welcome to watch or participate. Annually there are several festivals which involve large celebrations in the Ashram. These allow a visitor to really see the culture and tradition of Kerala.


Traditional Indian medicine places utmost importance on the food we eat. Good food will lead to a healthy body, which in turn will lead to a healthy mind. At Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram we put this in to practice by growing our own food in a sustainable organic way. We grow our own rice, vegetables, fruits, coconuts, and even have our own organic dairy. Fresh vegetarian meals are prepared in the traditional style of Kerala.

Source of Information: Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram website




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Dawn To Dusk Fortifying Cream (60 ml)

Aloehills Capsules (60 Capsules)

Rhue Oil (30 ml)

Contact Details
Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Address: Parusuvaikal, P.O Parassala,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695508
Phone: 919447125140, 914712232686
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