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Kare Ayurvedic Retreat - Natural Health Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India
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It is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is a one hour drive from city, Pune through the thickly wooded Ghats, with Mulshi Lake.

It set a top mystic Sahyadri ranges overlooks the calm water of the Mulshi Lake, against a backdrop of flowers and green surroundings.  





Kare is located on a mountain where peace, calm and serenity surrounding. 22 well appointed cottages dot the 30 acres hills, the sounds of the birds and rustling of the leaves fills the air. 70% of the healing is done by the surroundings nature at Kare. Kare has extensive facilities for providing ayurveda treatments, special programmes for weight loss, detoxification, de-stress, panchkarma (enema/basti), eye treatments, medicated oil massage, foot massage, herbal powder massage, oil bath, medical yoga, medicated steam, heat cure, dhara treatments, unique age-reversal treatment, etc. backed by a team of professional doctors, therapists and the expertise of Iyengar medical yoga teachers, besides the ayurveda and yoga treatments, the resort also has gym facility. 





The treatments offered by this centre are; joint pains, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, spondylitis, asthma, neurological disorders, skin disease, heart disease, migraine, partial paralysis, abyangam, shirodhara, udvartanam, pizhichil, marma theraphy, chavittiuzhichil, kizhi, njavarakizhi, shiro basti, kati basti, netra basti, panchkarma, netrabasti, alternative medicine, weight loss, age reversal guests go through Iyengar Yoga & discourses on Vedanta & Ayurveda.







Dr. Prakash Kalmadi is the founder and medical director of Kare. His services come straight from his heart, so much so, that his day to day actions at Kare are exemplary and motivation factor for the entire staff. He is not only as a practitioner, but also as a teacher.





We prepare the food with the principle aspects of Ayurveda. Our food greatly helps the treatments and therapy. It is designed as healing diet, pleases the heart, nourishes the body and revives memory. Our body needs different types of nutrients to perform the different functions in the body. The body gets these nutrients from the vast variety of foods available and according to age, sex, physical activity, physiological conditioning and one's constitution. Food prepared at KARE, take in the principle aspects of Ayurveda and we provide only organic food.





The cottages are perfectly landscaped gardens and lawns with the music of gentle water flowing by. It set a top a lovely hill; KARE overlooks the quiet waters of the Mulshi Lake, against a backdrop of flowers and verdant green. Truly, at KARE you are one with nature’s beauty. Beautiful cottages, with ethnic interiors allow residents a serene setting to live in. All modern amenities ensure that you are in complete comfort while experiencing the carefully administered treatments that Ayurveda has evolved through the ages.







De-stress - Double - 4000, Single - 4400

Rejuvenation – Double – 4400, Single – 4800

Detoxification (Panchakarma) – Double – 4800, Single – 5200

Age Reversal Treatment (Kayakalp) – Double – 5400, Single – 6000.

One day program: Including, massage, yoga session, meals 1 person 1950

Half Day Program: 1 person 1350




KARE ACADEMY has been established to spread Ayurvedic Knowledge to the layman, so that health awareness is increased and cost of unnecessary medical bills is saved.

KARE ACADEMY is run by Dr. B.V. Rama Rao Medical Foundation, which is acharitable trust.




Certificate course in Basic Ayurveda – 1 week – 10 hours.

Certificate course in Advanced Ayurveda – 1 month – 40 hours.

Certificate course in Panchakarma – 1-3 months – 120 hours.

Certificate course in Ayurvedic Massage Therapies – 1 month – 40 hours.

Certificate course in Yoga – 1 month – 40 hours.

Certificate course in Ayurvedic cooking – 1 week – 10 hours.

Certificate course in Ayurvedic Dietetics – 1 month – 40 hours.

Certificate course in Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants – 1 month – 40 hours.






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Contact Details
Kare Ayurvedic Retreat - Natural Health Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Address: Village Gonawadi, Mulshi Lake, Mulshi Khurd, Pune District, India.
Phone: +91 20 25442945, +91 20 32933361
Reviews of Kare Ayurvedic Retreat - Natural Health Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India:
Review by margarita prokunina Thursday 11 March, 2010
I spent 3 weeks in KARE in Dec 2009. It is a beautiful place in the mountains with a view of a lake, just perfect to relax and read.. This is really a 'yoga & ayurveda' retreat. The focus on yoga is very strong, about 4 hrs a day even while undergoing treatments, which is not very 'traditional' but i enjoyed it. Overall level of teaching is good, but not deep enough for serious Iyengar practitioners. The main doctor, Dr Rahit, is very good with the pulse, but you only see him once or twice during the stay. For the rest of the time, you are in the hands of 20+ yr old doctors, therapists and nutritionists who are all very carrying and sweet but i would have preferred to have someone with more experience. i also found that very little explanation (if any) was given to the patients about the procedures/treatments they were going through and the medicines they were taking. On the other hand, the food was excellent! I would say this is one of the few places in India (and i have visited many) that really serves "ayurvedic food" and is conscious about food combinations, fresh ingredients, whole grains, steaming instead of frying, using ghee instead of oil, etc. Although they advertise their food as 'organic', i was not able to confirm its clear origins nor from the nutritionists, nor from the doctors.. which was disappointing to me as i realized that i was paying quite a high rate and not getting real organic food as i expected. Overall, this is an excellent place to relax and rejuvenate and to meet other travelers and/or yogis as many visit this place even for a day to escape busy Pune.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Review by michele jobling Tuesday 26 May, 2009
It is a year since I was at Kare and the impact of what they did for me resonates today. Today I'm a yoga teacher (RYT 200) and on the path to becoming an Iyengar yoga instructor which takes a lot longer; Shahji was my inspiration and he and the team at Kare healed my body to enable me to leave behind my bad old ways and change my life for the better.

My objectives when I went to Kare were to 1) heal a badly broken arm which was failing to heal properly 2) to avoid an operation for a frozen shoulder 3) recover from Osteoporosis and 4) decide what to do about my life (and marriage). I ticked each box whilst with them for a month. I left being able to do a handstand without splint, my shoulder 100% fixed and my osteoporosis reversed with a 15% increase in bone density.

I am now substantially vegetarian (don't be scared - my digestive system wasn't cut out for meat in such large quantities); I practice yoga 6 days out of 7; I try to keep stress out of my life and am largely successful. When I next have my bones scanned I expect to be 100% for my age group (I started off -25% and was at last read -15%).

I cannot recommend this place highly enough if you want somewhere serious. Don't expect a spa with lux accommodation. Expect somewhere authentic and good. And...don't look back.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Kare Ayurvedic Retreat - Natural Health Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India
I spent 3 weeks in KARE in Dec 2009. It is a beautiful place ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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