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Total Ayurveda, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Total Ayurveda, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
After Panchakarma take extra care to rest and avoid physical or mental stress. The ancient texts advise us to avoid extreme weather, too much talking, walking long distances, heavy food or any activity that is not pleasing to the senses. The body needs time to regenerate.

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Natural Food Cures Psoriasis


The patient, a man of 33 years of age, told his story:

"For 28 years I suffered with a skin affliction known as psoriasis. My entire body, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, was covered with large blotches, which were covered with scale like formation. I consulted many doctors, and in this way spent much money, but my condition grew steadily worse.

Then I heard of Dr. Clements and I was told that he was very successful in securing marvelous results in all sorts of ailments, and especially in chronic ailments of long standing. I also learned that he gave no drugs, but employed only the simple agencies of Nature in his work. This was a new kind of doctor to me, and coupled with the remarkable stories I heard of his work, I was anxious to see what he could do for me. So I lost no time in going to him.

Think of my surprise when I say that Dr. Clements did not proceed to make the long, tiresome and expensive examinations, which are the customary practice with medical men. Dr. Clements simply looked at the eruptions on my arms and body, then asked me how long I had been in that condition, what I had done for it, and what my habits were as to eating, drinking and so on.

I confessed to him that I had been a heavy eater of meats and pastries, - but whoever had any idea such foods have anything to do with an eruption on the skin? Do not physicians advise patients to eat plenty of good, nourishing food? And are meats and pastries not such food?

I also confessed that I smoked cigarettes, and occasionally drank whisky and other alcoholic drinks.

What did Dr. Clements prescribe? Well, I had anticipated something wonderful, something extra-ordinary; so when he told me what to do, it was such a shock that I know just how Naaman must have felt, when Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying: "Go and wash Jordaan and be clean." Dr.Clements merely advised me to eat only uncooked foods, drink only water, quit smoking and drinking, and observe all the habits of health such as exercise, cleanliness, sunshine etc. He told me that by these methods we build health, and that as we build health we cure disease.

How simple. Why did I never think of that before? We cure disease by building health, and we destroy health by building disease, by bad habits. How can the average man discover anything so simple and so profoundly true, when his mind is befogged by the absurd education of the age, which teaches that disease results from germs, chilly winds, dampness, pollen from various wild flowers, and so on. There are people in large cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia who suffer from hay-fever, but who never saw a load of hay.

We build disease by bad habits, and we build health by good habits, and as we build health we cure disease or as we build disease we destroy health. How marvelous! How simple!

I can see now as never could before, that if health-building rules were as well and as widely known as musical and mathematical rules, diseases would soon disappear.

Yes, Dr.Clements ordered me to eat no more cooked foods – to my great surprise. Dr. Clements advised me to select my food from substances that grow above the ground. Things that grow under ground, such as roots and tubers, have less vitality. Leafy green vegetables, and fruits such as melons, berries, grapes, says Dr.Clements, are what men should eat if they are interested in having good health

I was so convinced with the soundness of his argument, that I left his office feeling like a fool because I had lived all these years and had not found the simple truths of Nature which he expounded to me so clearly in less than an hour'’ time.

The 45 minutes that I spent in his office are really worth more to me than all the schooling and training of all the years gone by. ‘For what doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his health and life’?

I rigidly observed Dr. Clement’s advice for three long weeks, eating things I had never eaten before in that condition. Just the plain uncooked cabbage and tomatoes as they came from the garden. Then I ate nuts. I also ate oranges, and bananas and apples, and drank only water. For three weeks I did this- and no appreciable change could I notice. I began to grow discouraged. I reported to Dr.Clements and told him that I believed he was wrong. But he urged me to stick to it a while longer. I did so at his earnest request. He appeared to have so much faith in the things he told me; and if his past experience had shown him that he was right, how could I have less faith in his advice than he had himself?

One week more passed by. Four long weeks on this diet. It seemed like a year. But the fourth week was not so bad, nor did it seem so long as the first. I was beginning to like the new diet. It did not seem to leave such a tired, heavy feeling in my stomach and bowels. A bowl of finely chopped cabbage, lettuce, and celery made me a good meal, and it seemed so light on my stomach that I did not know I had a stomach. So different from the old feeling after a heavy meal of the old style.

One more week went by, as I said. And what began to happen in that week? Could it be possible? Yes, it was true. The irritation was growing fainter. The large ugly red blotches, which had covered my flesh from childhood, were growing pale and smaller. The scale-like formation was gradually disappearing. The new skin was smooth and considerably clearer, and the itching, burning sensation, which used to grow so marked when I perspired, was growing less and less.

When it finally dawned upon me that my condition was improving, I bubbled over with joy. I called on Dr. Clements and told him what was happening. I thought he would be surprised, but he wasn’t. He said that the rising of the summer sun did not surprise him as the event is governed by a law that cannot be defied. The human body is governed by a law just as fixed and certain. He said that he knew my condition would improve just as sure as the ebb and flow of the tide, provided I would follow his advice long enough. What an extraordinary doctor! And what faith he has in his methods! I wish I could tell the whole world about it.

It has now been several months since my entire body has become free of that terrible affliction, which I had begun to believe I would carry to my grave. I have been through the fire and learned my lessons well. I only regret that I cannot tell what I know to millions of suffering souls.

Just one more word before I close. Never mix your food. Eat one kind of food at a meal. I mean follow the mono-diet system. When you eat vegetables, eat only vegetables; when you eat berries, eat only berries; when you eat oranges, eat only oranges; and when you eat nuts, let nuts make up the entire meal."

Lessons we learn: All skin disorders from pimple to pox, are primarily the result of people eating wrong food and in wrong combinations. What is known in Ayurveda as "Viruddha Ahar" (incompatible foods) is a science of correct food combining. "Correct Food Combining" is explained elsewhere on this page. Get to Know your constitution and select foods that are compatible with your constitution. The use of poisonous pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, etc. calls for caution when using raw foods. There is a worldwide trend towards organic farming methods. Look for their outlets.


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This article was published on Wednesday 27 September, 2006.
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