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R. A. Podar Ayurved Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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The institute is situated in the heart of the city, in the Worli area on an area of 6 acres. The pleasant greenery surrounds the typical old English styled building of the college. The campus consists of college building, library building, hospital building, and research wing. The beautiful temple of Lord Dhanvantari enhances the holiness of the campus.


The Institution established in the year 1941, today comprises of Ayurveda College, Ayurveda Hospital and the Institute of Contemporary Ayurved Research and Education in Ayurveda. The College runs regular University Courses for Graduate degree in Ayurveda (BAMS). Every year 60 students get chance to learn 'Ayurved-the science of life' in this prestigious institute, Postgraduate Courses in Ayurveda to award Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda i.e., M.D (Ayu) in 8 Specializations of Ayurvedic Medicine. Almost 20-25 students per year perform there post graduate studies in various subjects like Kayachikitsa, Shalya, Shalakya. 8 Departments have been recognized for carrying out research for Doctorate degree (Ph. D Degree in Ayurveda). It is affiliated to Mumbai University for PG courses and affiliated to MUHS for undergraduate courses.

Podar Institutions is a destination for patients of all diseases seeking Ayurveda remedies from all over the globe. Equipped with 210 beds for in house treatment, the Out Patient Department attends to around 400 patients daily. Special Panchakarma Centre, which is around just 2 years, has gained an international repute.


We offer courses for Indians - B.A.M.S, M.D/M.S and Doctorate in Ayurved (Ph. D in Ayurved) & Course for Foreigners - Better Living through Ayurved.


For B.A.M.S - H.S.C.(Science) examination passed, M.D/M.S - B.A.M.S. passed and Doctorate In Ayurved (Ph. D in Ayurved) - B.A.M.S. passed.


For B.A.M.S is 51/2 yrs - Total 3 academic years, each year consists of 18 months followed by 1 yr. Internship (6 months in Podar Hospital + 3 months in P.H.C.+3 months in Govt. Hospital).M.D/M.S is 3 yrs - 2 academic years, first year consists of 12 months and second academic year consists of 24 months, Doctorate In Ayurved (Ph. D in Ayurved) is Minimum is 2 years till completion of study and the course for Better Living Through Ayurved for both Foreigners and Indians is 15 days.


The Institution can boast of a good leadership and the expert faculty with experienced staff members. Dr. Prakash Uttamrao Deshmukh is working as a professor and taking care of many departments in Podar Medical College.


We provide hostel accommodation for boys, girls and hospital staff.


For B.A.M.S the fee is as per government rules, for M.D/M.S is 5000 Rs/annum and Two Week Course for Foreigners is US$ 300 & for Indians is Rs. 5,000/-.


The library always stands as the replica of the institution. It is true for Podar library also. The library consists of good stock of more than 20000 old and recent books. It also contains original manuscripts and out of print books. It also receives more than 25 national and international periodicals and newspapers based on pharmacology and research to keep the students of this institute update with the latest trends. Its reference desk provides access to more than 100 research thesis done by postgraduate students in this institute.
Herbal garden is situated in the area of almost 6000 sq.ft. The garden is enriched with several herbs, which are practically used for hospital patients. This garden also contains several distinguishing species of various herbs. Various trees are marked with their common names and basic properties so that layman can also understand the importance of medicinal use of herbs. The central building of Podar, which is, surrounded by the evergreen trees, herbs, and shrubs, makes this institute "Green Island" in the heart of central Mumbai.


For last 60 years and more the hospital is following the principles of humanity and services to mankind. It enjoys the unique position of the only Ayurvedic hospital with large number of OPD and IPD patients. It is the only Ayurvedic hospital run by govt.of Maharshtra that has 24 hours casualty services.


We provide Indoor Patient Facility which has the facility of 7 wards. The total patient capacity of the hospital is around 210 beds, which is almost full to the capacity through out the year. The IPD is supported with several modern equipments like ECG, Centralized oxygen system, Nebuliser, Ultrasonography etc.

Special Panchakarma Centre is growing demand and increasing popularity for pure Ayurved has lead to the establishment of this Centre. The Centre is specially designed by using modern technologies and ancient wisdom. It has the facility of 6 double-bedded rooms for admitting the patients. All the procedures of Panchakarma are performed religiously by specially trained male and female masseurs under the supervision of senior physicians and that too at very reasonable prices.

Hospital is also running various disease specific Special Out Patient's Clinics such as Diabetes, Skin and dermatological problems, HIV / AIDS, Rasayan and Vajikaran, Tuberculosis(proposed) and Anorectal diseases (every day).

Hospital is having well equipped and well managed operation theatre for major and minor operative procedures. Several surgical procedures like hernia, hydroceal, appendectomy, anorectal surgeries, gynecological procedures like DNC, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, Caesar and various ENT and Ophthalmic surgical procedures like cataract, stye, auroplasty etc. are performed routinely by surgeons.

This institute has a grate historical significance in contributing the well being of society. Still, even after 60 years it is following the same path with the noble cause. A special Clinic for Anorectal Disorders is being run exclusively for the special Ksharsutra (Ayurvedic Medicated Thread) Treatment.


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Contact Details
R. A. Podar Ayurved Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Address: Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai -400018, Maharashtra.
Phone: +91 022 24934214, +91 022 24933533
Fax: +91 022 24936881
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Review by dinesh hegde Monday 16 December, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam.
am purely into motorsports for our country.i have heard of detoxification / panchkarma.
let me know what exactly this panchkarma is .
I need to do it in worli .
dinesh G

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R. A. Podar Ayurved Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Dear Sir/Madam. am purely into motorsports for our country. ..
4 of 5 Stars!
Take some more initiative for other places too,definitly wiil get good responce ,be bravo....

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