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Total Ayurveda, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Total Ayurveda, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Saving your Mind – A Guide to Cell Phone Safety by Martin Gluckman

Cell Phones are radio devices designed to reach and communicate using high frequency radio waves with base stations (or cell towers) that can be many kilometres away. To achieve the same they have a formidable transmitting power up to 3W.

Over the past years a number of independent studies have shown the health hazards of cell phone usage, especially long term usage. One studied showed that talking for more than 2 minutes a day effects the entire brain harmony, especially in children. Most people use their phone for many more minutes, in some countries for hours a day. Over the next 5 years, more and more conclusive reports of the dangers of cell phones will be released as more people start asking questions about their safety.

So what to do? How to get the amazing benefits of a cell phone without the profound health risk? Bluetooth.


Bluetooth was not designed with safety in mind but it is the way forward for safer cell phone usage. A Bluetooth headset will let you put a small earpiece which has a range of only 10m in your ear and your phone can be up to 10m away from you on a table or besides you. Bluetooth headsets operate at much lower power levels than phones so, not surprisingly, the radiation added by a Bluetooth headset is insignificant by comparison. To get the safety benefits of Bluetooth, do not leave your Bluetooth headset on all the time but only turn it on when you need to answer a call or to make a call. If you leave it on all the time it is not good as even though hit has a very small transmission power (to reach just 10m), it is cumulative like all radiation exposure.


For many years I have resisted getting a cell phone, being hypersensitive to their effects and putting such a strong radio transmitter right next to my brain. In Ayurveda the brain governs all other body functions so we must do all we can to preserve and protect our brain. The 3W potential power of a modern cell phone is too much to put besides our heads. Thanks to the new Bluetooth devices, you can use your cell phone and leave it far away from you. This means there is never the need to put the phone against your head.


Many of my friends involved in healing fields have also resisted phones for this very reason and their heightened sensitivity to any kind of harmful radiation. Using the Bluetooth system with my phone I can have long calls with absolutely no hazardous effects. I always make sure to have my phone at least a metre away from me in a bag on the chair or on the car seat or on the table in front of me. Signal and reception is just as good. There’s no warm ear feeling, no subtle headaches and no dizziness or loss of memory after long calls.


I am not writing this to encourage prolonged cell phone usage as even having the phone close by exposes you to a small amount of radiation, but the big positive is there is no risk for brain damage or brain affection from this way of using the phone, so in turn this is the safest way possible to use a phone.


Some people feel that using wired headsets gives a similar effect. This is fine in principal but the wire seems to also act as an antennae and there is some speculation that they are not safe. The Bluetooth headset has even less power than your average cordless house phone so it is common sense that it’s amplitude and thus potency to do harm is close to zero. Even house phones should be taken care of for prolonged usage and if possible you should get a headset for them.


In summary – for maximum health benefits:


  • Purchase a Bluetooth enabled cell phone – most of the latest phones come with this as a standard.
  • Enable and disable the Bluetooth device only as per your usage and do not leaving it on standby all the time.
  • Keep the phone at least 0.5m – 1m away from you and not on your body or on any vital organ.
  • Avoid carrying your phone on your body and keep it away from your body in a bag or briefcase.


By doing this you will be able to get the many benefits of cell phones for safety and security, convenience and aiding all kinds of work, without the very detrimental effects on health.




I have done tests with the Jabra 250v and find it very good Bluetooth solution.


Research references:


This article is written in the interests of all cell users out there and their health published by Vedic Society for global health.




This article was published on Friday 10 November, 2006.
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