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Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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Suryamukhi Dinesh Ayurved Medical College and Hospital (SDA-Hospital), Ranchi, Jharkhand
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It is located approximately 14 kms in NS direction from Ranchi Railway Station and approx 12 kms from Ranchi Airport, on a beautiful patch of land, full of gardens and greens, which protect it from direct sunrays, flying dust particles and far from industrial belt. This is one of the very back bone of this hospital by locating in NH-33, casualty ward is always in rush because of accidents which used to happen regularly on highway.

Since, the beginning of 1990, it was evident that Ranchi would become the capital city. It is situated in the State Jharkhand. It is India's 28th State with a geographical area of 7971400 hectares and covers forest area of 1842343 hectares. Ranchi city saw a sudden spurt in two sector-education & health. Jharkhand is slowly moving ahead towards realization of its dreams as far as providing medical scenario to the masses concerned. Ranchi, once the summer capital of Bihar, is a popular retreat and cultural point of Chotanagpur. It is situated 650m above mean sea level. Ranchi is surrounded by forests and covered with bushes, trees and beautiful flowers. It is famous for waterfalls situated in its vicinity. It is located approximately 1400 km South East of Delhi and 400 km South-West of Calcutta. Ranchi is a small city and life becomes quiet after late evening. The State Government is committed to give a new dimension to the Medical education. The Government plans to develop Medical Colleges of the state as independent Institutions for making available better treatment facilities to the masses.


Mana Devi Laxman Memorial Hospital is attached with S.D. Ayurved Medical College. Each & every clinical departments are separately run by individual heads with assisting co-staff. This reputed Hospital is in existence since last 28 years and it has earned its own repute. The Hospital has all basic facilities like Operation Theatre (Major/Minor), Labour Room, ICU Unit, Casualty, OPD, General Ward, X-ray, Pathology, Ambulance etc. Department of Shalya is fully developed & equipped to meet the operational requirement of surgical nature such as General Surgery, Kshar-sutra, Agnikarma & Anorectal surgery. The Hospital has well maintained Panchkarma Therapy Unit. Under the umbrella of Panchkarma Chikitsa department most of the chronic diseases are being treated. The equipment mentioned in ancient & traditional methods is adopted in Panchkarma therapy unit after developing with modern technique.

This Hospital is accompanied with 150 beds, with the proper hygiene and sanitation. Individual wards are handled by experienced Senior & Junior Doctors, Para Medical staffs. Most of the drugs related with Indian System of Medicine are distributed to the patients from indigenous manufacturing pharmacy which is also inside the hospital campus. The Hospital is equipped with 4 bedded I.C.U. having Ventilatory support with Central Oxygen pipeline, Multi-para Cardiac Monitor and fully functional major & minor operation theatre. Special & Private wards are also available for the patients.


The treatments are given by the following department; Kayachikitsa (Male/Female), Atayayika, Shalya Tantra, Shalakyatantra, Panchakarma, Prasuti & Stri Rog, Kaumar Vritya (Balaroga).

In the hospital hcampus itself a minor/major O.T. in O.P.D. has been maintained to deal with the minor injuries of the patients like, suturing, clearing of wounds & kshar-shutre etc. This O.P.D. is run by a very experienced Ayurvedic doctor with ward boys who assist the same. In Panchakarma OPD separate section of Snehan, Swedan, Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Shirodhara are being done in Panchakarma therapy unit according to the requirement of the patients.


Expert doctors are already on the job rotation to help the patients. Remuneration is taken by the patients according to the medication applied and if the case is referred to IPD, a proper care is always taken. This O.P.D. is separately run by the very learned and experienced doctors.


The food is given to the patients who are admitted to the hospital ward as per the remuneration basis.


Separate accommodation/beds for male and female patients have been maintained in this hospital.


In the premises itself a beautiful Herbal Garden has been maintained. In the garden nearly 350 medicinal as well as Aromatic plants have been developed and approx. 100 medicinal plants are maintained in the earthen pot. Many more rare medicinal and herbal seedlings are in the process of development. It has been very ornamentally planted in the premises for the thorough knowledge of the scholars. This herbal gardenia is being recognized as one of the most valuable asset of Jharkhand state as well as a mile stone in itself. An Ayurvedic Pharmacy is situated in the Hospital campus for manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines.


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Contact Details
Suryamukhi Dinesh Ayurved Medical College and Hospital (SDA-Hospital), Ranchi, Jharkhand
Address: Dinesh Nagram, Booty, Via-Neori Vikas, Ranchi – 835217, Jharkhand.
Phone: +91 651 2275880
Fax: 91 651 2276199
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